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Zachery Tims’ Mother, Madeline Allegedly Hiding Autopsy and Toxicology Results Is Nothing New

Now, one of our main journalists mentioned in a previous article that it is nothing new, regarding the black church covering up the death of ministers who died of horrible causes, such as AIDS or drug overdose.  Allegedly, it has happened in various situations.  One of the most popular cases was in the prior death results involving the King of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland.   Death results revealed the late Rev. James Cleveland either died of a heart attack or respiratory failure, allegedly.  When the late Rev. Cleveland’s adopted son came out to the press and confessed a sexual affair since a young teen Christopher Harris Cleveland also mentioned James Cleveland died of AIDS, according to article, ‘And The Choir Sings On’.   His foster son also admitted he himself was HIV positive at the time of his confession to the media.   Therefore, was very accurate when they mentioned the black church has been covering up for many years now, since the birth of AIDS.   However, one of the main reasons why the double lifestyles of preachers are covered up in most, is simply because of their mothers.   In the black culture, black men are overprotected by their mothers many times and in this case of Zachery Tims, it reveals that his mother Madeline is covering up his death results, because that is the nature of many black mothers.    

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