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Is God Pleased With Gospel Artist Yolanda Adams Singing John Lennon’s Song Since A Teen Allegedly Spotted Him In Hell?

You know we cannot understand why gospel artists have been willing to collaborate with secular artists or even sing their songs, because there have been some testimonies of people who went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ and saw some of the greatest pop and rock stars in hell.   For the past 20 years, we have seen gospel artists whom have crossed over and became more popular doing so.   Now, on this video we happened to discover on You Tube, we see Yolanda Adams has sang John Lennon’s song on national television with his photo in the background.   This man was allegedlyspotten in hell, one of these Columbian Youth whom went on a tour with Jesus Christ to hell spotted him there, burning in eternal fire.   We previously did this story at and you will see why we disapprove of gospel artists continuing to sing or play secular songs by secular artists, dead or alive.   John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Selena and even Pope John Paul has been allegedly spotted in hell by people whom have died and came back to tell about it.

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