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Update: Belonging Found in Partially Burnt Car after Hamtramck Women Abducted: Another Similar Sign In The Cases of Dead Escorts

In this case of the two missing black women in Hamtramck, Mi.,  a car believed to have been used in the abduction of 22-year-old Ashley Conaway and  and 18-year-old Abreeya Brown has been found by investigators to be burned out.  Inside the burnt car police found a partial item belonging to one of the missing women, whom they will not reveal exactly which one of them.  This is another similar sign in the cases of the dead escorts whom were found dead in the trunks of cars.   Except in this case, it seems like possibly Brandon Cain and his sidekicks tried to be shrewd, so possibly police would not compare the similarities by taking them out of the trunks of the burned out cars.  We do not know if this is an actual fact, but we do feel their are close similarities to how they placed them both in trunks and then, the car that was used was discovered burnt out.  

Police have also spotted a partial item that allegedly belongs to one of the missing women.  So far, this could be a definite sign that these women were both burnt alive in the trunk of the car.  However, it could be a sign by the kidnappers to make it look that way.   When you think about it, why would they burn the car?  Also, where did they place…Read full article, here.

Update: Brian Cain in Custody after Women Abducted in Hamtramck: Could He Have Something To Do With Putting The Dead Escorts In Car Trunks?

Now all three men that allegedly have something to do with the kidnapping case of 21-year-old Ashley Conaway and 18-year-old Abreeya Carol Brown are in custody.   Police impounded several silver sedans from twenty-five-year-old Brandon Cain and 24-year-old Bryant Lee, but investigators are now waiting to find out what happened to the two victims.   Although, this is a stepping stone, families of the victims are yet pleading to know where the location of the two college students and best-friends.  The two have been pursuing nursing degrees and living decent lives, although they lived in one of the most dangerous cities in the nation, Detroit, Michigan.

Now we know the full story, we did not know how serious this guy Brandon Cain’s relationship was with Ashley, but now that we comprehend the details we can clearly see this is a case of a guy being rejected by a very intelligent young black woman and it could have brought out some more skeletons we have been just waiting to find out about other possible mysterious Detroit murders of escorts, although police may not have thought about it.  It is so sad that this guy was so insecure, he could not accept Ashley refusing to have a relationship with him, but if he had Jesus Christ in his life, he would not have been so insecure to do a thing like this…Read full article, here.

Source: Souls of Black Women

Update: Family of 2 Kidnapped Women Pleads for Their Release

Lois Brown is the mother of Abreeya Brown who has been missing with her friend, Ashley Conaway since late Tuesday night.  If you have been following our articles, we just gave you information about the two friends whom were kidnapped at gunpoint on the front porch of their home.   Brown’s stepfather exchanged gunfire with the kidnapper, Brandon Cain we found out is the ex-boyfriend of Ashley who broke up with him, he was shooting at them both back then.  After brazing Ashley’s head with the bullet, he was facing attempted murder charges, but tried to pay both friends $5,000 not to testify against him.  When they refused to take the money, he kidnapped them late Tuesday night.
Lois Brown received text messages from the victims, pleading for help and informing her they were trapped in a trunk of a car.  Now, police are looking for where they could be…Read full article, here.

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Video: 2 Women Kidnapped in Hamtramck: Could These Two Black Women Be Dead or Alive?

These two black women were only doing right when they were both allegedly abducted from their home, in front of one of their fathers.   Abreeya Brown, 18, and Ashley Conaway, 21, were taken away from their residence, because both of them were allegedly asked to pay not to testify in a trial against a previous shooting.  One of these black women was a victim and the other was a witness.   This sudden news does not surprise us, because in the black community there has been a history of witnesses being threatened for telling the truth in various sorts of cases, but especially in cases that involve murders and drugs.   It is so sad in the 21st century, these two black women were both held at gunpoint for doing right.

The question remains, could they either or both of these black women be dead or alive.   It is very sad to wait to see what may occur, after they both were kidnapped although one of their fathers exchanged gunfire with the kidnapper.

It is so very sad what has just happened to these two black women, but this is something that has helped destroy love, unity and power within the black community.  Many wicked people whom happene…Read full article, here.

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