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Jackson Mississippi Teacher, Elicia Hughes Did Not Kill Her Husband, Truly a Survivor

elicia_hughes090This dedicated wife and mother, Elicia Hughes was acquitted of all charges of killing her unfaithful husband, after 2 trials.  She was facing a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  Elicia Hughes was a very well respected teacher who lived in the suburbs with her late husband, Brian Hughes.  She worked an honest job while her husband flipped burgers, after leaving his trucking job that earned him $60,000 a year.  Elicia Hughes remained faithful to her husband until his death.  Unlike Betty Broderick (the San Diego woman who was accused of killing her successful husband who was an attorney and made preparations to leave her for his 26 year old secretary), she was not a home maker and host of parties, but regularly did her job as a teacher.  It is a proven fact that Elicia Hughes did not murder her cheating husband, but many times endured emotional distress from his discreet affairs with other women.  Brian Hughes had a few girlfriends and was even speaking on his cell phone to one while entering his home, the very night of his murder.  Elicia Hughes loved Brian and there was no indication of her being a treacherous woman who was out to get revenge.

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