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Whitney Houston: Why Couldn’t All Of Her Spiritually Influenced Friends Keep Her Alive Today

Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston: Why Couldn’t All Of Her Spiritual Influenced Friends Keep Her Alive Today

Originally posted: on Feb 28, 2012

We wanted to state that we were really broken up about Whitney Houston’s passing. We learned quite a bit about her upbringing and how the church and others influenced her. We did not know she claimed such a great collaboration of gospel and church leaders as an anchor for her.  But we are concerned about this so called ‘spiritual influence’.

Let us go over a few of them:

Why Didn’t Friends of Whitney Houston, Gospel Duo Bebe and CeCe Winans Advise Whitney Not To Marry Bobby Brown?

It is just so wonderful much of the Winans clan paid their respects at the funeral of Whitney Houston.   Pastor Marvin Winans even eulogized Whitney Houston’s funeral.   Well, that was no surprise, since he was the one to marry she and Bobby Brown, allegedly.  However, the question remains among those of us whom are true followers of Jesus Christ, why wasn’t the man of God and gospel music artist, Pastor Marvin Winans able to see and detect the alleged evil soul of Bobby Brown?   If he did, why did he agree to proceed with the wedding at Whitney’s New Jersey estate?  The one whom marries a couple ought to be able to sense trouble ahead, because he or she is closely walking with God.  We could be wrong, but it seems like because they were a celebrity couple, it could have been the main reason Pastor Marvin Winans agreed to officiate their previous wedding.   Another question remains to be this, if Bebe and CeCe Winans are truly anointed to sing gospel music, why weren’t either of them able to sense Bobby Brown could have not been the right man for Whitney Houston, especially since on this following video, he claims she was mainly in awe of him being so confident to ask for her phone number? No other reason, just that Bobby Brown was very bold in approaching her for what he wanted.
It is very sad to reveal the truth, but it must be told.   If Pastor Marvin Winans already had alleged trouble in his own previous marriage to Vickie Winans, how could the marriage between any man or woman married by him be blessed to last to the end?  In this case, it turned out for the worse between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  Therefore, it possibly was not a good idea for him…Read full article, here.

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Video: Detroit’s Pastor Marvin Winans to Give Eulogy at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

What better person to give the eulogy at the funeral of Whitney Houston?   Pastor Marvin Winans knows the Houston family very well and even recalls Whitney calling him upon stage at her previous concert, there in Detroit. There is one thing about Whitney Houston, she loved the Lord.  Regardless of her personal emotional hardships in life, she never forgot God and always reminded her fans how much she loved him.   Pastor Marvin Winans obviously knows how close Whitney was to God and this is why he has been chosen to give the eulogy at his friend’s funeral.

Would Janet Mefferd Talk About Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears and Elvis The Way She Allegedly Discussed The Death Of Whitney Houston and L. L. Cool J Who Respected Her Memory?

Would Janet Medford talk about the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis and even judge those who are yet living, Britney Spears Lindsay Nicole, the way she allegedly judged Whitney Houston’s death on radio?   This is a very important question,  because although many of us are born again Christians, we are also born African Americans and have no apologies for it.   We can sense unfair treatment among those whom are white who claim to know Jesus Christ.  We just gave you a previous report, regarding how Paula White allegedly spoke bad about nappy hair, which was naturally given to us by God and we do not apologize for it, neither should we laugh and support her alleged ignorance while she call herself preaching under the anointing of God caught on video.   We want to ask you, what God are white Christians allegedly serving when they think it is okay to judge an African American entertainer’s life and not their own kind?   God is not a bias God and does not like it when white Christians offend us with their unnecessary rebuke.   Whitney Houston has already gotten a lot of cruel remarks from some of those white entertainers in Hollywood, the least white Christians could do, is remain silent and pray for her family, not throw out comments as though they are so righteous and do not have problems within their own race.   Furthermore, many whites who claim to know Christ always wonder why the black church always brings up the subject of racial discrimination, the answer is so clear, it would not come up, if there was not such a bias like in this case of the sudden death of Whitney Houston, no less adored in the eyes of God than Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Elvis or any other white superstar.

Whitney Houston Comes Back Very Big and Bobby Brown, The Former New Edition Is Watching

whitney_elizabeth_houstonWhitney Houston, America’s favorite entertainer has released her star to the world, again without a Bobby Brown lagging behind her stardom.  Whitney Houston is America’s favorite superstar.  What does this woman need with a clown who looks like a joker?  The ex-New Edition member has really added to his shame when asked by an interviewer, what would you have to say, if Whitney negatively talks about you during her interview with Oprah Winfrey, he then answered, “well I would seriously have to have a talk with her.” What???? A talk???? How can a penniless clown have the authority to have a talk with the superstar-diva of Pop.  He simply cannot think that he has the power to sit her down and hear what he has to say.

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