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A Toast 2 Wealth’s Response for “Dark Girls”: Documentary Exploring Color Bias Against Black Community

First and foremost, whatever we reveal to our readers of this blog, it is for the glory of God.   The staff of has came to the point that we have been committed to be messengers for Jesus Christ and have been appointed to reveal the truth based on how God desires for us to reveal it, without any apologies. We came across this particular video on Bossip’s blog: “Dark Girls” Preview: Documentary Exploring Color Bias Against Black Community and we wanted to share with you our thoughts about it, which is not based on this world, but based on God, Almighty.  Our obligation and our precise mission from God is to save souls, not be servants for Satan to destroy them.  Therefore, get ready to adhere to what will help each and every dark skinned woman who has wasted her precious valuable life on thinking about who she does not satisfied with her God-given beauty within the black community.

Former President Bill Clinton Turns Back on DOMA and Now Approves Gay Marriage

Bill Clinton Approves Marriage Equality- AT2W- Photo Courtesy of

Former President Bill Clinton Turns Back on DOMA and Now Approves Gay Marriage

While in office, former President Bill Clinton was against gay (homosexual) marriage. In fact, he signed the Defense of Marriage Act. In the 1990’s, Clinton was totally against gay marriage and the illegal union of  same sex relationships.

We are not surprised that he along with so many pastors, politicians and the like are now agreeing that same sex relationships and marriage has received their ‘stamp of approval’. Bill Clinton has given into what a part of society is fighting for and calling it ‘human rights’.

God Does Not Condone Down Low Lesbian Women Molesting Girls

We always talk a lot about men who molest young boys, but not much about women who have been guilty of the same thing.   This painful experience we have chosen to deal with, is the cause of extreme division in the black community, daughters are not connected to their mothers, because of this specific matter.  This is a subject  a lot of people in the church fail to touch, but we must make this topic known, for many women in God’s House  who feel betrayed because they have been violated by grown women molesting them as children.  They have a hard time feeling like God loves them and they remain silent, after their mothers (or fathers) dismiss the matter to make peace with the lesbian molester.  Many times these women are best friends to these young lady’s mothers and sometimes when they are strong enough to tell their mothers, they must endure the pain of their mother not discontinuing her friendship with the woman who touched them. There are many married women who are quick to judge “out of the closet” lesbians to take the focus off of their own weakness and a lot of times, these are the ones who ruin the lives of innocent young girls. This matter has not only ruined the lives of black women, but it has caused a lot of friction within the black community. Some of these women are prominent first ladies and their husbands hide their wives weakness and have been for many years.

President Obama and Biden’s Pro Gay Remarks Endangers The True Body of Christ in 2012

After realizing President Barack Obama is willing to bargain his soul to win votes from the gay and lesbian community in 2010, it is obvious he is definitely endangering the body of Christ.  Joe Biden just made a recent remark, ‘Homosexual Marriage is Inevitable‘, which condones same sex civil unions which not only divides matrimony under God’s law, but it is also sending out a clear message to true born again believers within the black church to make a decision to either vote based on race or based on what God says about homosexuality.   It is definitely time to turn away from the black community who is not willing to be righteous, but only focus on race.    As true born again believers, we are taught not to agree on sin, so we need to reconsider who should lead this country, whether black or white.

Illuminati Alert: A Call For Righteous African Americans to Avoid Black Community Issues

For the last several months, we have allowed our editorial department to do articles on what is going on within the black church, racial issues and separation among black couples.  However, at our latest meeting for journalists and editors, we have decided to make it known to African Americans who are truly righteous that they should re-evaluate their involvement with issues within the black community.  Why?

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