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  • Evidence That Bishop Carlton Pearson Is Wrong About Inclusion

    Evidence That Bishop Carlton Pearson Is Wrong About Inclusion

    bishop_carlton_pearson0009Bishop Carlton Pearson believes that there is no hell.  This article is to show you he is wrong and needs to step down as a minister, because similar to Rev. Jim Jones of People’s Temple, he is leading people into the depths of hell.  Bishop Carlton Pearson, an extremely arrogant graduate of Oral Roberts University who will not let people forget he was born into the COGIC (Church of God in Christ) denomination like a lot of other well known ministers or gospel artists.  After Carlton Pearson come out as a believer of the inclusion doctrine, a lot of his members of Higher Dimensions Church, (which was based in Tulsa Oklahoma) must have been really saved because they left and refused to follow him.  He was not as arrogant us usual when he moved into this very small Presbyterian facility to continue his ministry.  He appeared extremely humiliated while speaking to his small congregation and complained in front of millions on 20/20 that he was very offended that he not only lost a lot of church members, but a lot of his friends of mega ministries (Isn’t this something a real man of God would not be wasting time fretting over? Popularity should be irrelevant in the Kingdom of God.)