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  • Pastor Darryl Foster’s Accurate Viewpoint, Opposition of Jamie Hawkins Gay Multi-Million Dollar Inheritance

    Pastor Darryl Foster’s Accurate Viewpoint, Opposition of Jamie Hawkins Gay Multi-Million Dollar Inheritance

    Pastor Darryl Foster, an ex-gay minister has been a force to be reckon with, regarding hidden homosexual promiscuity within the Church of God in Christ and various other denominations.  Pastor Darryl Foster specializes in giving accurate reports on COGIC pastors, bishops and church officials who have molested children and women in general.  For many years, he has pointed out the hypocritical organization’s demons of lust.   Pastor Darryl Foster is a great man who has been definitely been called by God to stop the demonized sexual practices of COGIC, which has destroyed many lives and messed up the minds within the black community.  When one of our journalist discovered this article on his blog, Gay Christian Movement Watch, we were amazed of the truth being told regarding the son of the late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Jamie Hawkins, one who possibly has never even preached a sermon in his life and was always known for producing lyrics for secular artists in the hip-hop industry, not gospel.   Furthermore, Jamie is not just an offspring of wealth of his father multi-million dollar empire, but on his mother’s side, Tramaine Hawkins, he is also familiar with the wealth of his great aunt Bishop Ernestine Cleveland Reems, founder and pastor of Center of Hope Church and also a great grandchild of the late Bishop E. E. Cleveland, a man who was very popular in the Church of God in Christ and the pastor of Ephesians Church of God in Christ in Berkeley, California.  Those of you remember in the 80s, allegedly, Tramaine was seen on cable, denying she ever knew her husband was gay after catching him in bed with a man, which is the usual lie of women who are attracted to flamboyant men.  The late Bishop Hawkins can be seen here on a You Tube video (to the right in the back of the lead singer) before he married Tramaine as a very dainty, delicate and flamboyant man.  Both of Jamie’s parents, including his aunts and uncles were all a part of the Edwin Hawkins Singers and grew up together.   So you see, Jamie Hawkins was bound to eventually inherit the wicked wealth of his father’s gay ministry, the Love Center Church in Oakland, California.