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Are Today’s Average Ministers Qualified to Cast Out Demons?

Are Today’s Average Ministers Qualified to Cast Out Demons?

Originally posted on Oct. 3, 2011

This issue is not discussed much in an era of ministers who are primarily focused on making money from their ministries and keeping up with celebrities in the world.  Back in the day, when African Americans were not ashamed to have real church and there was not too much diversity, casting out demons in deliverance services was in the average black church.  Ministers did not quiet down congregants from praising God and allowing demons to cease in their churches.  In today’s church, prosperity ministries are more popular and to cast out demons would not be appropriate in their ministries for a number of reasons.

The Satanic Illuminati: Ministers, Enough Conferences and More Revivals in Today’s Church

The reason why many ministers who are supposedly teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ fail to call a revival a pray against the Satanic Illuminati is because unfortunately, they are a part of it.   Now, we have brought this subject to you before, but this is very serious and if we fail to keep mentioning the truth, regarding the existence of this demonic movement, we will have to answer to God.   Let us first let you know that God has all power and there is no reason to fear.  However, if we as saints of God continue to ignore the actuality of the Satanic Illuminati it will never go away.  We cannot continue to have church, fast and pray just without making a choice to have a revival in the 21st century.   This movement is not just in the worldly music that effects our children, but it is the spirits that try to control the mind through the entertainment industry: movies, books, cartoons.

Two Ministers of Bishop T. D. Jakes Church, The Potters House Spread The Issue of AIDS, Literally

Two Ministers of The Bishop T. D. Jakes, Potters House Spread The Issue of AIDS

Ministers Who Preach Against Homosexuality and Molest The Same Sex

This has been a big issue not discussed much in the (black) church. Many bitter souls of victims who have heard messages almost every Sunday that oppose homosexuality are molested by the messenger, whether it be man or woman.   Pastors, bishops, even evangelists have been guilty of hurting many men and women while go so far to even embarrass and humiliate them in front of the church, in order to hide their sexual transgressions they enjoyed with them in private. This is one of the main reasons why gay and lesbian advocates refuse to believe what the scriptures say about homosexuality, it is a sin and an abomination in the eyes of God; of course, we are not saying this is an excuse to ignore God’s law, what we are saying is that this matter has caused a lot of people to turn away from the church and a lot of bitterness has ruined their lives, because they have been harassed to be silenced about their sexual experiences, sort of like the situation with Bishop Eddie Long.   Bishop Eddie Long is a perfect example of how ministers preach the truth, opposing homosexuality while indulging and enjoying the sin behind close doors and damaging the innocent minds of young men (and women).   When the victims are honest and confess how they were molested, the usual reaction of the minister and his followers is to resent and humiliate them as though they are the homosexual and the molestor is not.

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