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Illuminati Alert: Wonder Why Fantasia’s Had So Much Trouble in Her Life?

Illuminati Alert: Wonder Why Fantasia’s Had So Much Trouble in Her Life?

While many of us supported this small town church girl turned American Idol, apparently she had a lot of family and personal issues. From nearly losing both of her homes, an affair with a married man and suicide attempt, you’d wonder why this was happening to a someone who had been blessed so much with her talents. Well, we found some pictures that may explain why she was having so much trouble. While Fantasia had the world think she was a church girl and Christian, she may have let some of those  morals and values go to the wayside when she started flashing the Illuminati signs. In the pictures below, she not only is flashing the ‘baphomet’ sign but her daughter is too! So now her baby is even cursed!

Singer Fantasia Casts Gospel’s Mahalia Jackson Biopic

Singer Fantasia Casts Gospel’s Mahalia Jackson Biopic

Singer and former American Idol winner is getting ready to cast in a new movie. She has intentionally put on 30-45  pounds of extra weight to fit for the role of gospel legend Mahalia Jackson. She is said to be playing the lead role.

The movie will be directed by Euzhan Palcy and is based on the 1993 book ‘Got to Tell It: Mahalia Jackson, Queen of Gospel.‘  It goes into production in April in Pittsburgh and Chicago for a December release.

Fantasia Should Thank God: Judge Finds Her Claims Were True

Fantasia Should Thank God: Judge Finds Her Claims Were True

Fantasia has found victory in the divorce case of involvement with married boyfriend Antwaun Cook and wife Paula Cook. The judge over the case has found that though Fantasia was impregnated by boyfriend Cook, he and his wife were in fact separated when he and Fantasia had their relationship.

What this means is Antwaun Cook has won his case against his ex-wife Paula Cook in the court proceedings. The court has found the two were separated on September 14, 2009  and not June, 2010, as Paula Cook had claimed. Ex-wife Paula had claimed that Fantasia knew he was married and went along with the relationship knowing this.The court has found this to be untrue.

Soul Singer Fantasia Requests Judge to Give Her Privacy

In court recently, American Idol winner Fantasia asked the judge for privacy from this point on in the case of her married ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook and his wife Paula Cook.

As you know, the last reports on Fantasia and the case stated that she admitted in court that she had an abortion of Cook’s baby around the time she was admitted to the hospital for a suicide attempt this past summer.

Unfortunately, the judge did not find sympathy for her and will still allow reporters and the news officials in the court room.

Is There Bad Blood Between Fantasia and Her Mother?

You are probably wondering what we mean by that. Well, nothing bad has happened to her but her absence is being questioned. If you keep up with the 2nd season of “Fantasia For Real” that’s being aired now on, then you might be asking yourself the same question.

Well, we watch it every week and is it just us or does it seem like Fantasia’s mother Diane Barrino Barber has distanced herself from Fantasia’s life. Now what we mean is: she doesn’t make many if any appearances on the reality show. Last season, when the family was living with Fantasia, of course everyone was in the camera and loving it. As many of us know Fantasia and her mother seemed to be inseparable; singing on stage and public appearances just a year or so ago and appearing to be very close as mother and daughter.

WHAT?! Fantasia Admits in Court She Aborted Antwuan Cook’s Baby

Wow!. You know we really like Fantasia but if this is true, then what is she going through?

Reports broke Monday night via that Fantasia testified  in court dealing with her married lover Antwuan Cook and his wife Paula’s divorce proceedings.

Note: We didn’t report it but Fantasia apparently wanted to settle with wife Paula Cook for $100,000 last week in mediation but the wife said “no” go. She wants to sues for alienation of affection’, which means millions out of Fantasia’s pockets. She may be paying some serious CASH for sleeping with this married man.

Fantasia’s New “I’m Doin’ Me” Video Released

Here she goes again! Fantasia is not only on tour this year but she has just released her newest single “I’m Doin’ Me”. It was released on Nov.2nd. The video is getting very good reviews and its a really cute video that shows a happier side of Fantasia.

Check it out HERE

Fantasia’s Behind the Scenes Video Shoot For “I’m Doin’ Me”

The Latest News and Celebrity Lifestyles-

Latest News: Celebrity singer Fantasia is doing a cute video for her forth coming hit “I’m Doin’ Me” on her new album “Back To Me”. She’s appointed the popular celebrity film director from Los Angeles Benny Boom to direct her video in NYC.

The video shows Fantasia dressed like in a cute yet short dress with jean jacket . While her hair is pinned up with a touch or white gray in the front, she gives the look of teenage  bee bop style. The video is shot outside in a park area and then inside a diner style eatery.

Fantasia’s Graduation – Full Episode on ‘Fantasia For Real’ Show

This is the 4th episode of her Season 2 of Fantasia for Real. This one is talking about her aunt and mother asking Fantasia if she is “feeling” Devon from her “Bittersweet video.

Fantasia is actually seeing someone else (the married guy Antwaun).

Teeny discussed more ideas to make more money than his not so successful “bikini car wash”. Fantasia is also taking her G.E.D test on this episode.

And plenty of surprises!!


Redskins Devin Thomas Wants to Date Fantasia?

On Episode 4, this is a preview of next weeks show. Fantasia’s manager Bryan wants to hook Fantasia up with Redskins’ wide receiver Devin Thomas , the hot football star in her “Bittersweet” video. Devon even asked Fantasia on a date on the last episode.

She’s not feeling it right now (which is crazy buts Devon is smoking HOT) but she knows she has to finalize her issues with the married man whose separated from his wife.

Also , some surprises Bryan has for her and her appearance on American Idol.

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