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Christian Music Singer Carman Says He is Cancer Free! [UPDATE]

Carman Licciardello has cancer

Christian Music Singer and TBN Host Carman Pens Open Letter of Cancer Diagnosis

UPDATE on Feb. 7, 2014:

Christian singer Carman posted on his Facebook page last Tuesday that showed some light on his medical condition:

“It looks like the sun may have just popped his head out to say hello. The doctors where just in my room and we had a long talk. They assured me that what I’m going through as a cancer patient is something most all patients go through at some point. It’s part of the process.”

Singer Carman Has raised $235k for new cd in Less Than 30 days!

carman raisese money for new album

Singer Carman Has raised $235k for new cd in Less Than 30 days!

Since he’s been diagnosed with cancer, Carman was inspired by his many fans to launch a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to reaise $200,000 for his first new album and music video in over 10 years.

In only 25 days, he’s reached his goal.

Carman will have a 60-city, 28-state tour to support his new album and video. reported:

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