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Why Did Bishop Clarence McClendon Take on The Sammy Sosa Syndrome?

When we mention the Sammy Sosa syndrome, we are not just speaking of skin complexion and lightening of the skin, but we are also speaking of personality.  Bishop Clarence McClendon is a black man who seems to have Hispanic spirit trapped inside of him and it is not just because he has been married to two Latino women, we feel it is because he wants to be anything other than black and has become obsessed with speaking, acting and even taking on the look similar to a Latino man.  Bishop Clarence McClendon has a big ego and is known for being extremely arrogant while preaching before his flock or any other congregation at other ministries.   It is so sad that the Sammy Sosa syndrome has even gotten in God’s House, black people do not even want to be how God created them to be.

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