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Former Bodyguard of Millionaire Madam Anna Gristina Denies Knowing About Prostitution Ring

Anna Gristina bodyguard had no idea she was a madam

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Former Bodyguard of Millionaire Madam Anna Gristina Denies Knowing About Prostitution Ring

A former detective named Sylvan Francis, who worked as a bodyguard for Anna Gristina an alleged millionaire madam, denies knowing anything about her running a prostitution ring. Francis, 54, was assigned to work for Gristina but will not reveal how he was originally hooked up to her and why she needed security services but he says it was all legitimate.

“When I get an assignment, a legitimate assignment to deal with a client with a company or whatever, there’s a level of confidentiality that goes along with that,” he told the Daily News on Monday.

British Mom Accused of Running A MultiMillion New York Brothel: No Matter How Hard It Gets God Will Make A Way

Many of you women may say you never would even think about becoming a Madam, but many of you possibly thought about it.  You thought about it, but didn’t even come to close to owning an illegal prostitution ring, escort service or in this case like  Anna Gristina, 44, operating a multimillion dollar brothel.  Thank God, you may have just thought about it, because this sort of money is not worth it.  Look where it got this woman, facing charges that could put her behind bars for a very long time.  She charged anywhere from $1,000 an hour to $25,000 for a weekend. The soccer Mom has four children and a lover of animals, so sad, she may leave them all behind, because she serviced very wealthy men in professional careers with all sorts of women.  Allegedly, she is also accused of including minors in here illegal operation.
Anna Gristina may have been a well-respected woman who provided a good family life for her children, but morally, she was not a good example as a mother.   God’s will is for us as mothers to have money, but He also requires for us to possess the wealthiest asset and that’s salvation.   There is nothing wrong with having money, but when we choose to sell ourselves or others for money, it violates the Kingdom of God, not just breaking the law.   All the millions of dollars, Gristina may have had in her bank account could never amount up to her soul.   So think about it, envy not the wicked and do no wrong to drive the finest car and live in the most expensive suburban home or condo, because when your evil is revealed to the authorities, the media will be there to show your dirtiest secrets, you may never have wanted the public to know about.   You have got to think about your children.  Do you want them to have money or dignity?   Is letting go your integrity as a mother worth driving a Rolls Royce, eating at the finest restaurants and living in the Hamptons?  Absolutely not, your children will be visiting you in prison and all of your assets will be taken away by the authorities who discovered your illegal operation and your black book filled with all sorts of names, addresses and phone numbers…Read full article, here.

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