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Parents of Handcuffed Girl Speak Out: How Could This Be Allowed In America When Parents Are Not Allowed Corporal Punishment?

This child in the above photo, Salecia Johnson was handcuffed by Milledgeville police.  We feel they did not have to go that far, simply because if this nation disagrees with corporal punishment, then they do not have the authority to take arrest and put them in jail.  Now, this child may look very sweet, but obviously if she was allegedly throwing furniture and pushing other children around, then there is a problem with discipline at home.   No child should have such authority to bully other children or their teachers and if this is true, Salecia could be getting her way in her parents house and when she acts out, possibly there is no correction.  If this is true, no wonder she was allegedly having behavioral issues.   However, the police arresting her may have been too harsh, but there seems to have been an actual previous problem…Read full article, here.
Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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