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Rev. Paul Jones, such a powerful voice within the gospel music industry

Well, we did not want to do this article based on speculation, regarding Rev. Paul Jones alleged personal life before he died, we just wanted to respect his memory. 

It has been so many years since this great gospel artists passed on.  He was so gifted and had such a beautiful voice, very distinct, than the average male gospel artists of all time.  It is very sad when tragedies occur within the gospel music industry, but we know…Read full article and watch videos, here.

Source: Repent Gospel Artists

Tennessee Murdered A.M.E. Pastor David Strong Possible Homosexual Lifestyle

Recently, our journalists discovered an article, regarding this minister who allegedly, could have been gay, so we thought we would discuss the ongoing problem of gay ministers who lead similar lifestyles and sometimes end up in murder.  A well respected pastor’s life does not have to end this way.  Why did they bring up the possibility of Pastor David Strong’s homosexuality, we do not know, but we indeed are very concerned regarding if this issue of his murder, which could have been prevented had he been righteous.  Go Here (this link is also the last link on this article) to read about the possibility of Strong’s similar gay lifestyle to many well respected ministers, allegedly.

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