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Rev. Al Sharpton Holds Rally for Two Slain Unarmed Black Men, Eric Garner and Michael Brown: Salvation?

We want to know will Rev. Al Sharpton ever call many rebellious black men to repent for living ungodly lives? 

Now, we are not saying the late Eric Garner was ungodly when he passed away, but we are aware that Michael Brown allegedly robbed a…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Black Church News: Harlem Pastors want to Dethrone Rev. Al Sharpton as Civil Rights Activist, we agree

We don’t feel Rev. Al Sharpton has changed because he’s gotten older, we feel he has failed his duty as an activist, because he could be afraid of what President Obama will say if he makes the wrong move. 

Let’s be very honest, Rev. Al Sharpton is not the man he used to be.  He used to care about the needs of the black community and was very…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


Celebrity News: Rev. Al Sharpton Shows off With Younger Girlfriend

Rev. Al Sharpton is now allegedly dating  a younger woman. 

We wondered was he yet married to his ex-wife, Kathy Jordan.   Now we know, he’s been very busy.  Jordan was the woman who marched with Sharpton and stuck by him when he almost died back in the day.  Here’s our point…Read full article, here.


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Al Sharpton’s Mother, Ada Sharpton Dies at 87, Rest in Peace

The strong woman behind Rev. Al Sharpton’s strength has ascended to heaven.   If it was not for Ada Sharpton we would not be receiving justice for racial discrimination through her son who is one of the only preachers who has done a great work.  We may not agree on his viewpoint in support of homosexuality, but we honor his mother and are very grateful for whenever he has support African Americans in the past and even now in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  The average black minister would be afraid to speak out on issues of racial discrimination, but Rev. Al Sharpton has done his part of speaking out against unfair treatment and we are so grateful for his mother training up from a child to speak his mind and to possess the courage he has been blessed with.  We acknowledge after his father allegedly left the family, she…Read full article, here.

MSNBC Host Candidate Al Sharpton Once Said He’d Never Work for a “Cracker”

MSNBC Host Candidate Al Sharpton Once Said He’d Never Work for a “Cracker”

We wanted to bring up a point one of our readers made recently. There is some opposition to MSNBC giving Rev. Al Sharpton a job as a host on a new 6 pm show. Some wonder if he is really ‘qualified or not’ to do the job. The Root reported that many black journalists question the plans of MSNBC. Rev Sharpton has fired back stating:

MSNBC Anchor May Be Replaced with Rev Al Sharpton for 6 pm Hour Show

MSNBC Anchor May Be Replaced with Rev Al Sharpton for 6 pm Hour Show

News report from Eurweb

*It looks like that the fill-in work he’s been doing lately on MSNBC is going to pay off for Rev. Al Sharpton.

According to TVNewser, Cenk Uygur, who holds down the weekday anchor spot at 6pm may be replaced by Sharpton who’s hosted the hour for the last two weeks.

This past week, the 6pm hour was second, to Fox News, in  25-54 adult viewers Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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