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Spencer LeGrande- Another Bishop Long Accuser Speaks Out

Yes, indeed. All of Bishop Eddie Long’s indiscretions, sexual escapades and prey on young men is NOW coming to surface… one by one! It will be VERY difficult to try and explain the hurt in these young men’s faces away.

Now, the fourth and probably not the last of his accusers are coming out publicly to speak about what relationship they had with their then spiritual father, ‘daddy’ and the man they loved whom he sexually coerced as young boys to young men.

Bishop Carlton Pearson Speaks Out On The Bev Smith Show

On yesterday, Bev Smith had an interview with Bishop Carlton Pearson and after he was seen on CNN claiming he would be there for Bishop Eddie Long, he admitted on The Bev Smith Show that Bishop Eddie Long and other clergymen are focused of having a lot of money, nice cars and big homes and this is why they are in trouble.  He mentioned they love the high profile status and there is a cost to popularity.

Former Spiritual Son Defends Bishop Eddie Long *UPDATED*


Now Bishop Long is getting some support since he has refuted the accusations against him for sexual coercion on four young men that were members of his Longfellow Youth Academy at New Birth.

An ex-NFL Player tells Fox News that Bishop Long was his spiritual father  as well but he was never inappropriate with him. Anthony Cannon was an NFL player for the Detroit Lions for nearly three years and said that the bishop encouraged him to achieve his dreams.

V-103’s Frank and Wanda Show Discusses Bishop Long Accuser’s Interview

V-103, one of Atlanta’s popular radio station had a conversation Fox 5 I-Team senior reporter Dale Russell about the allegations against Bishop Eddie Long and his interview with Jamal Parris that was aired on Fox 5 Atlanta. We posted the interview on our blog here.

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of Dale Russells’ I-Team Investigates with accuser Jamal Parris and the Bishop Long sex scandal case.

Julian Bond Says Bishop Eddie Long Is a Raving Homophobe

Julian Bond says Bishop Eddie Long is a homophobe and he no doubt is saying this, because people who are homophobic are really the ones who indulge in homosexuality and Bishop Eddie Long is one of them. What the majority of the black community does not like to admit is, there are are a lot of buff, muscular and male chauvinist men who are the loudest haters against lesbians and gays that love same-sex partners behind closed doors.  These sort of men are very abusive and this is a trait that Bishop Eddie Long has admitted to his congregation several times, he spoke of how he thought about killing his ex-wife.   Bishop Eddie Long would often preach sermons against the homosexual community while flaunting his muscle shirts and having men always surrounding him in the pulpit.   There is always the sort of wife like Vanessa Long who are just silent sidekicks and enjoy the wealth of their husbands and these are the type of women help men like Bishop Eddie Long cover up his mischievous sexual lusts for young boys.

New Photos of Bishop Long and Longfellow Members Surfaced

We were given access of some very interesting photos of Bishop Long and a few of his Longfellow members at the church. The photos are at his Atlanta private church office at New Birth and these photos are credited to  We don’t know what all this shows in the pictures but some intimacy is apparent from one of the young in the bottom two photos. These are not photos of the young men accusing Bishop Long of sexual coercion.

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Bishop Long a No Show to Gospel Choice Awards

Bishop Long Hires Famous Private I to Discredit Accusers

Well, Bishop Long is standing up tall against the allegations against him. He’s hired a high profile private investigator named T.J. Ward. Ward has worked on the Natalee Holloway case and is very popular on cable t.v. had an interview with the famed P.I. in his Georgia home about it.

“I was called by attorney Dwight Thomas… they said they needed somebody that was experienced in doing investigations to look into these allegations that have been brought against Bishop Eddie Long and the church.”

Ward was hired to investigate all allegations against  Bishop Eddie Long. He says “Each of these charges is frivolous and we plan to address them accordingly.”

Jamal Parris- Bishop Long’s Accuser Speaks Out- Updated [Part 1 and 2]

UPDATE: See New Video with more details from Jamal Parris and the relationship he says he had with Bishop Long.

Today is a revealing day for one of the accusers of Bishop Eddie Long has spoken out. Jamal Parris is one of the accusers of Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Baptist Church in nearby Atlanta.

He, along with 3 other young men, have filed civil lawsuits against the Bishop for sexual coercion when they were ages 14 and 15 when they first attended the church.

Fox 5 Atlanta’s I-Team reporter Dale Russell has been granted an exclusive interview with Jamal Parris.

Bishop T.D. Jakes Responds to Bishop Long’s Allegations: VIDEO

We were forwarded a video of Bishop Long’s good friend and spiritual father, Bishop T.D. Jakes and his congregation praying for him and his church New Birth.

In the video he states that the reason why he had not responded to the allegations is because “There is nothing to say”.

But on the other hand he says:

“Nobody knows what’s going to come out of this…either way it goes…in innocence…whatever happens…???

WHAT??? “Nobody knows what’s going to come out of this???? Either way it goes???? In guilt???? Whatever happens…???

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