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UK Bed and Breakfast Forced to Sell After Refusing to Service Gay Couple

Hotel owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull walk outside a branch of the High Court in central London, November 8, 2011. The devout Christian hotel owners are appealing after they were told to pay damages for banning a gay couple from sharing a double room and

UK Bed and Breakfast to Close Doors After Refusing to Service Gay Couple

Christian bed and breakfast owners who once famously refused service to a gay couple in the U.K. now claim that they’ve been forced to sell their hotel following a contentious legal battle and ongoing harassment.

Owners Hazelmary and Peter Bull are stating they are victims  of many crimes due to the one time refusal to service a gay couple in the hotel. They say  they have been the victims of vandalism, death threats and website attacks since the 2008 incident. Some of the website attacks have included pornography targeted to their website. It’s bee a constant battle with having to lose their Chymorvah Hotel in Marazion, Cornwall and the growing anger from gay supporters.

Pastor Efrem Buckle Deals With Death in a Beautiful Way [VIDEO]

beautiful death

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Pastor Efrem Buckle Deals With Death in a Beautiful Way [VIDEO]

We want to thank Real Christianity site for this update.

We thought this was a great video and the words from the pastor are very powerful. It deals with how we approach death and compares it to the death of Jesus Christ. He reminds us that we shall still live because Christ, our redeemer lives. If we have the assurance that we live for Christ, we shall live. And by knowing this, we should never be afraid of death.

Religious Entrepreneurs Vow ‘Holy Sex Toys’ Will Save Your Marriage?

Religious Sex industry?

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Religious Entrepreneurs Vow ‘Holy Sex Toys’ Will Save Your Marriage?

Are we surprised at the outlandish exploitation of the sex industry targeting Christians? And just how many Christians are occupying space in these stores or online portals? We have found that the sex toy industry is worth $15 billion dollar which is a growing business but for apparently religious business people to find pleasure and profit from selling these items specifically for the Christian community is appalling.

Read the report below and see how some Christians are getting sucked into the sexual sin of the world and a need for pleasure that God would not approve nor condone:

Defendant Long Officially Served With Court Papers

News today states that Bishop Long was officially served with court papers for the lawsuits of allegations he coerced 4 young men into a sexual relationship when they were 14 and 15 years of age.

Court papers were hand delivered to Long’s home today in suburban Atlanta that shows that he is officially a defendant in these lawsuits.

Bishop Long Eludes Press in His Range Rover

Accused pastor of  New Birth, Bishop Eddie Long is seen racing through his suburban Atlanta neighborhood, in  his black Range Rover.

Apparently he is trying to avoid any press that are watching him. It was filmed as well. Someone could have been struck by his car as fast as he was going.

Well, he’s lived as a celebrity preacher in the church and all over the world, so now he must endure the press and paparazzi like any other popular Hollywood star.

What does he have to hide?  Hmmmm.

Here’s a quick shot of it on video.

Father of Accuser LeGrande Says ‘I’m Very Upset’ with Bishop Long

Story broke that Spencer LeGrande, the fourth accuser to come forward of allegations against Bishop Long sexually coercing him since a teen has some support of his own.

His REAL father has come forward to speak out about what has happened to his son, Spencer. Eddie LeGrande, the father of Spencer says he wasn’t a big part of his son’s life, splitting up with his mother when Spencer was a toddler.

He says he knew Bishop Long had taken a big role in his life as a father when Spencer was a teen.

Ex-Wife of Bishop Long says He was ‘Vicious and Violent’

Bishop Eddie Long needs to pay us for all the  coverage we are doing about him and his scandalous life!

Anyway, we will let the victims get that because they truly deserve it. So, now as you know now, we have news about Bishop Long’s past life with his first wife, Dabara Houston. Long married  Houston in 1981 and the couple were divorced in 1985 in a Fulton County Court in Atlanta, GA.

Why Do Gay Black Men Protect Bishop Eddie Long?

So far, our journalists have discovered that there are a group of black homosexual men calling into various black radio shows defending Bishop Eddie Long.   It seems as though these gay men are defending Bishop Eddie Long, because they are attracted to him.  How do we know they are gay? Because they have openly admitted it and making it known before stating facts of why Bishop Eddie Long is innocent.   Then, as a few of our journalists continued to listen we heard some men who called into these show not even mentioned they were gay defend Bishop Eddie Long and we still think the majority of those callers are homosexual men, even if they did not mention.  However, in this article, we are just going to deal with the openly gay callers who defended Bishop Eddie Long.

Kevin Bond and New Birth Members Discuss Bishop Long Scandal

The above video of CNN’s Don Lemon interviewing three young people whom are New Birth members under Bishop Eddie Long as well as former New Birth member and  minister of music Grammy Award winner and producer Kevin Bond.

The buzz about this interview was focused more on Lemon admitting he was confronted with a pedophile at a young age which is very commendable of him to share with these young people and the world. One thing we think is very important to note is the reactions and responses of the three young people who didn’t always know how to answer the questions Lemon presented to them.

Neighbor of Bishop Long’s Accuser Believes Anthony Flagg and Others

Well, well… here’s more folks speaking out about the accused Bishop Long and one of his accusers being a former neighbor. Looks like it will never stop.  A reporter at interviewed a neighbor of accuser Anthony Flagg whom live at nearby New Birth Missionary Church and he, Felix Crawford was shouted by the news.

That’s right they were able to interview Anthony Flagg’s former neighbor Crawford who says he believes the young men’s stories. He’s not just siding with the young man because he knew him- it was the story that broke that answered questions he had about Anthony Flagg’s lavish lifestyle.

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