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Marques Houston Gets Restraining Order Out on Raz-B

It seems as though Raz-B is being cornered with his allegations that Marques Houston and Chris Stokes molested him from  ages 11 and 12 years old.

Marques Houston has requested a retraining order for Raz-B (real name De’Mario Monte Thornton). Houston says Raz videotaped a phone conversation with the two of them talking on the phone and Raz-B is ranting at Houston.

Houstons says he hung up on Raz but the videotape kept rolling on Raz’s end.

Hip Hop’s Marques Houston And Chris Stokes Accused of Sexual Molestation

The Latest News and Celebrity Lifestyles-

Latest News: There is another sex scandal that’s been evolving on blog and entertainment internet sites recently. We actually saw read some things about this around the same time as the celebrity minister Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal came out. We were not sure if we would talk about it here but we think folks need to hear about it.

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