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The Demon of Prostitution Must Cease in God’s House Among Ministers and Their Followers

There has been a demon of prostitution in God’s House and it began with the agreement of deregulating dress code and bridging the gap in the world of hip hop gospel and christian rock being performed in some of the most popular churches across America and even abroad, allegedly.  The demon of prostitution is among various ages of women and many in the closet ‘down low’ men.  Many of them have not been disciplined by their pastors enough to acknowledge God’s desire for complete holiness, not just within their souls, but they way they act, dress and talk.   There has been a lack of discipline, because ‘anything goes’ has brought a lot of money into the corporate bank accounts of independent mega ministries and even denominational churches whom used to have a regulation of holiness taught from the pulpits of many clergy members.   God has not been pleased with the demon of prostitution being able to cunningly slip into many churches who welcome paid conferences, but not free revivals, not much.   Therefore, we as saints of God must be on the battle to pray against the demon of prostitution in God’s House, for so many honest prostitutes are being ignored as they yet pace the most dangerous streets and motels.    The prostitutes whom are not hypocrites are the ones rebuked by many pastors whom refer to them as whores, but the ones in God’s House whom have discreetly slept with married men or single men trying to seek God have been excused and are never rebuked.  How could this be?

Watch Video: Georgia Woman Accused of Prostituting Her Own Daughters

Cobb county police call Jennifer Segrest prostituting her own daughters ‘the ultimate portrayal.‘  She allegedly sold them to one man for a total amount of over $54,000, for approximately 3 years.  Police are searching nationwide for this woman and she could be spotted somewhere in Georgia or Corpus Christi Texas. Also, she may have a 2-year-old child with her.  John Walsh has featured this investigation on his show, America’s Most Wanted.  Therefore, if you have seen her, you are expected to call police.

The man who was suspected of buying perverted time with Segrest’s daughters committed suicide, according to the Cobb County Police Department.

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