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  • The Demon of Prostitution Must Cease in God’s House Among Ministers and Their Followers

    The Demon of Prostitution Must Cease in God’s House Among Ministers and Their Followers

    There has been a demon of prostitution in God’s House and it began with the agreement of deregulating dress code and bridging the gap in the world of hip hop gospel and christian rock being performed in some of the most popular churches across America and even abroad, allegedly.  The demon of prostitution is among various ages of women and many in the closet ‘down low’ men.  Many of them have not been disciplined by their pastors enough to acknowledge God’s desire for complete holiness, not just within their souls, but they way they act, dress and talk.   There has been a lack of discipline, because ‘anything goes’ has brought a lot of money into the corporate bank accounts of independent mega ministries and even denominational churches whom used to have a regulation of holiness taught from the pulpits of many clergy members.   God has not been pleased with the demon of prostitution being able to cunningly slip into many churches who welcome paid conferences, but not free revivals, not much.   Therefore, we as saints of God must be on the battle to pray against the demon of prostitution in God’s House, for so many honest prostitutes are being ignored as they yet pace the most dangerous streets and motels.    The prostitutes whom are not hypocrites are the ones rebuked by many pastors whom refer to them as whores, but the ones in God’s House whom have discreetly slept with married men or single men trying to seek God have been excused and are never rebuked.  How could this be?

  • Six Reasons Why Ministers: Pastors, Bishops and Evangelists Should Not Condone Homosexuality and Even Same Sex Marriage

    Six Reasons Why Ministers: Pastors, Bishops and Evangelists Should Not Condone Homosexuality and Even Same Sex Marriage

    There are various reasons why pastors should not condone homosexuality.  This subject came up, after we did an article about Pastor Delman Coates of Clinton, Maryland who so proudly has been speaking out for the support of same sex marriages.   This makes God very angry when pastors like Coates seem to desire to satisfy people and not think about how God feels and in God’s Word, He already let us know He does not approve.   Therefore, this issue should make us very angry, also.   You see we are living in a wicked era that reveals such rebellion against God’s Word.   Pastors would rather be in the popular circle of our president whom has supported same sex marriages, instead of following this following scriptures at the end of this article.   God recalls the history of the America and He is not happy about equality being an excuse for ignoring His commandments against homosexuality.   God also recalls the history of African Americans, when we were enslaved and endured such unfair treatment and in many cases still do.  He does not like pastors of any race condoning what He calls sin and holds them to a higher standard.   There is going to be an afterlife for all ministers of the gospel, whether they be pastors, evangelists, bishops and even music ministers.   God will either allow Satan’s demons to pull their soul into hell, along with sinners or if these men and women of God have lived a righteous life, they will be in heaven with Jesus Christ and the angels.   Please pay very close attention with what you preach in God’s pulpit, because there have been people whom have died and saw the lake of fire with millions of souls burning, especially for homosexuals and then some have also seen ministers burning in their own hell.  We will also reveal that testimony at the end of this post.

    We want you to know just because you maybe a kind and considerate pastor who teaches people about loving everybody, you cannot avoid teaching about sin.   God is love, but He also hates sin.   Of course, if you are a pastor or any other sort of minister, you are not an ignorant person.  Therefore, you do recall God told us in His Word, we are not to add nor subtract from His Word.  These scriptures can be found in Revelation 22:19, Deuteronomy 4:2, Proverbs 30:6.   Therefore, if you are an African American pastor like Pastor Delman Coates and you feel like you are doing a good deed to among those whom are agreeing same sex marriage or even homosexuality, possibly because Barack Obama is the first black president and many black ministers have chose not to preach against it, then you need to re-evaluate how you are preaching your sermons.   All sorts of love is not love, what many people call love is is lust and like we said before, you are not ignorant, you know the Holy Scriptures well enough to have became ordained and preached to your congregation…Read full article and listen to testimony, here.

  • Ministers Who Preach Against Homosexuality and Molest The Same Sex

    Ministers Who Preach Against Homosexuality and Molest The Same Sex

    This has been a big issue not discussed much in the (black) church. Many bitter souls of victims who have heard messages almost every Sunday that oppose homosexuality are molested by the messenger, whether it be man or woman.   Pastors, bishops, even evangelists have been guilty of hurting many men and women while go so far to even embarrass and humiliate them in front of the church, in order to hide their sexual transgressions they enjoyed with them in private. This is one of the main reasons why gay and lesbian advocates refuse to believe what the scriptures say about homosexuality, it is a sin and an abomination in the eyes of God; of course, we are not saying this is an excuse to ignore God’s law, what we are saying is that this matter has caused a lot of people to turn away from the church and a lot of bitterness has ruined their lives, because they have been harassed to be silenced about their sexual experiences, sort of like the situation with Bishop Eddie Long.   Bishop Eddie Long is a perfect example of how ministers preach the truth, opposing homosexuality while indulging and enjoying the sin behind close doors and damaging the innocent minds of young men (and women).   When the victims are honest and confess how they were molested, the usual reaction of the minister and his followers is to resent and humiliate them as though they are the homosexual and the molestor is not.