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  • Activists Hate Chris Brown Gets GMA from Adam Lambert

    Activists Hate Chris Brown Gets GMA from Adam Lambert

    Reports have been sited stating that Rihanna’s ex boyfriend Chris Brown has been given the slot for performance on the Grammy Music Awards as they boot Adam Lambert, due to raunchy AMA stage performance. Adam Lambert’s original interview and performance was cancelled.

    Chris Brown will be interviewed on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ show and performing afterwards.

    Activists for the gay and feminists movements are angered that he will be performing because of his recent beating of then girlfriend Rihanna. They complain that a convicted ‘girlfriend beater’ should not be more valuable to the network then a openly gay man who committed no crime.

  • Oprah’s Gospel Favors BeBe Winans over Chris Brown’s Beatings (Update)

    Well, I guess Oprah must have realized that she was wrong for supporting singer Bebe Winans and rebuking Chris Brown for his indiscretions.

    The Oprah Show has announced that it will not  have gospel singer and recently assault charged Bebe Winans from her  show.

    It was announced that while he has pending charges against him for domestic violence against his ex wife Debra Winans at her Nashville home in February this year.

    But why did it take all of the media and her die-hard fans to complain about her actions for her to obviously make a wise stand against her longtime friend Bebe Winans?

  • Chris Brown Wants Rihanna Back

    It sounds like Chris Brown wants Rihanna back. According to news reports, Brown posted a link from his Twitter page to a video that portrays he and RiRi with images of them together to background music by R. Kelly’s ‘The Way We Used to Be’. He even added a message that stated: “IM SORRY YALL. JUST HAD TO POST IT.”

    I guess he just can’t get over her because it seems as if she is going on with her life. She’s coming out with her new album like he is in December and life is moving on. He has to know that he committed a really immature act and the whole world was witness to it.