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  • Thousands to Pay Last Respects to Zachery Tims Today

    Thousands to Pay Last Respects to Zachery Tims Today

    Mourners from around the world will pay their last respects this weekend to Dr. Zachery Tims, Jr., the founder and senior pastor of one of Florida’s most largest churches.   Today is the wake for the life of the late Dr. Tims, a man who cared about people.  Tims was found dead at the upscale W hotel in New York city in the area of Times Square.   Hotel faculty discovered the late minister’s body, after he failed to answer the door.   When they entered the suite, Tims body was lying face up on the floor.  Police arrived and discovered a white powdery substance in his pocket.  However, so far, they have not ruled his death as a homicide, but investigators are not finished with their investigation of doing further autopsy reports and searching cell phone records to find out why he died.

  • Did God Have Something To Do With Dr. Zachery Tims Death?

    Did God Have Something To Do With Dr. Zachery Tims Death?

    Saints of God, it is very disturbing to hear certain members of New Destiny Christian Center allegedly say they did not know why God would do a thing like this.  First and foremost, we do not serve a God who goes around killing people and He would not place drugs in the late Dr. Zachery Tims pocket.   It is not right for anyone to blame God for what He did not do.   We can clearly see that those particular church members were not receiving spiritual food, understanding God and do not even have relationship with Him.   Really, do we serve a God who would leave Zachery Tims to be found dead with a white powdery substance found in his pocket?   Absolutely not and people who think God had something to do with his death are making him out to look like a fool.  God is not mean and would never do a foolish thing.   Therefore, New Destiny Christian Center needs to be anointed with a pastor who will set the record straight and who will reflect God as a loving God who may allow certain tragedies, but not go around killing anybody.