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Watch Video: Celebrity pastor Marvin Winans testifies in carjacking case and faces his attackers

Celebrity pastor and famous gospel artist, Pastor Marvin Winans faced his attackers and testified against them in court.   We will start off this article by saying it is very sad all three of these young men would unknowingly attack a man of God or anyone else.  Also, it is very sad to see Pastor Winans sitting in court as a victim of the alleged criminals.


In the 21st century, we are yet witnessing the black youth committing crimes while many African Americans are yet complaining about racial discrimination.   We learned that Pastor WinansWatch video and read full article, here.

Son Of Pastor Marvin Winans and Ex-Wife Vickie Winans, Mario Accused of Being a Deadbeat Father

Mario Winans, the son of sensational gospel artists, Vickie Winans and Pastor Marvin Winans, Sr. is accused of being a deadbeat father.   His ex-girlfriend, Janelle Bennett says Mario is four months behind in child support. However, the root of the problem are accusations coming from his ex-girlfriend back in 1997 who is jealous of his marriage to his wife, Joy, the mother of his three children. Every time she has spoken out to the press, regarding his lack of child support, she has always expressed her jealousy about what he and his wife, Joy possess, living in a big luxury home.  Deep down inside, is Janelle Bennett angry just because Mario Winans is behind in child support or is it pure jealousy?   We think it is both.

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