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Pastor Jamal Bryant Speaks Candidly about Men, His Marriage and More [VIDEO]

Pastor Jamal Bryant, speaks to


Pastor Jamal Bryant Speaks Candidly about Men, His Marriage and More [VIDEO]

Pastor Jamal Bryant speaks candidly about men, his marriage and more with new host of, Stacey J. He says men are dying of curable diseases and should see the doctor regularly for check ups. He  also deals with men and their anger and how they die prematurely due to anger issue not dealt with. He speaks on a man needs to find a good mate. He says his divorce was very public and was spread widely on the internet. He says because of this, his Facebook and Twitter pages have thousands of followers. Pastor Bryant admits he did not think he’d be here four years ago and that he thought he would not be in ministry today.

Is Pastor Jamal Bryant Trying to Join the Homosexual Revolution Endorsed by Obama?

For so long, we tried to refrain from speaking out about Pastor Jamal Bryant possibly being a closeted homosexual, allegedly.  Now, we must reveal what we truly think about his character, which is not appropriate for the Kingdom of God.   If you will catch this homepage on his website in time, you will see for yourself that this photo represents the color pink, which is a color for ladies, not real men.  We heard from a social scientist who has visited London that supposedly baby blue is for women and pink is for men, but Pastor Jamal Bryant knows he is born an American citizen  and within this country and pink is not acceptable for men, fashion designers may say otherwise.  But the important question is, what does God say about men wearing pink, especially in an era that is ruled by an American President (Barack Obama) who endorses the gay and lesbian community and same sex marriages?

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