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Update: Gospel Artist, Pastor Donnie McClurkin Addresses Cancer Rumors

We apologize for the previous post, regarding Donnie McClurkin having cancer, we were misinformed about his statement.

Here’s an update that clearly reveals just what the inspiring gospel artist and…Read full article, here.


Source:Repent Gospel Artists



Pastor Donnie McClurkin Donates $67.5 Million In Medical Supplies to Jamaica’s Public Health System

Gospel artist, Pastor Donnie McClurkin has donated over $65 Million dollars in medical supplies.  He donated the supplies to Jamaica’s Public Health System.  Wow, we did not know Pastor Donnie McClurkin is…Read full article, here.





Reformed Gay Pastor Donnie McClurkin Honored Gay Bishop Walter Hawkins

Pastor Donnie McClurkin claims to be a changed man, but how changed is he to honor Bishop Walter Hawkins?  Just because he was in the same music industry, did he have to make a point to honor a man who taught is okay to be gay? The reason why certain people like lesbian pastor, Bishop Yvette Flunder has not taken Pastor McClurkin serious, is probably because he mutually honored Bishop Walter Hawkins, not just a celebration of his life among other gospel artists, but on Trinity Broadcasting Network.  Pastor Donnie McClurkin had an interview with Bishop Walter Hawkins entire family to honor him and his ministry.  It is not possible to preach it is wrong to be gay and then, give honor to a man that was not only the head of a gay affirming ministry, but performed same-sex marriages.

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