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NFL Player Ray Lewis Was Charged with Murder, But Today His Life Goes On As a Warrior

ray_lewis0943About 10 years ago, this NFL legend was facing murder charges, but as he proceeds to live on, he reveals to his fans he is still great.  This is truly a testimony for anyone who has faced the worst accusation and feel they can no longer be a success.  Ray Lewis has shown us, it does not matter if the accusation is true, you can conquer your past failures and triumph in life.  Like a football player, that is the way he continues to live his life to beat each and every obstacle.  Therefore, please pay very close attention to this article we have published regarding NFL legend, Mr. Ray Lewis.

Steve Phillips gets the Boot by ESPN

ESPN has announced today that they have decided to fire Steve Phillips. ESPN says, “His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged, it became evident it was time to part ways”. Now Steve Phillips is admitting himself for treatment into a medical facility to address his “issues”.
Maybe if he had done that back when he involved himself with another young lady when he was the general manager for NY Mets, he would have avoided this embarrassment which has compromised his family life and career.

Is ESPN’s Steve Phillips worst off than Steve McNair’s Sex Scandal?

Everyone thought that NFL legend Steve McNair had it bad when his affair was exposed to the world and his wife. (Though I am sure she knew about his affairs). I mean really now…. Steve McNair’s indiscretions literally went to the grave with him. Steve McNair’s life ending story is one that you  only see in the movies.

Has there ever been a movie made to reflect this magnitude of sex and scandal? Someone tell us please.

This had to be one of the most tragic and most revealing sex scandals in the news today, next to the prolific former Detroit Mayor Kwame’ Kilpatrick’s:  Sex, Lies and Text Messages’.

Steve McNair Mother Said It Was The Devil’s Work That Killed Him, Although Investigators Have Proof He Lived a Triple Lifestyle

steve_mcnair_found_deadThe late football legend of Nashville, lived a triple lifestyle, not double, he had his wife, the 20-year old who killed him and another girlfriend who regularly visited at the condominium where he fatally died.  The unexperienced investigator wanted to believe someone else outside of Sahel Kazemi had murdered them both, but no, more experienced investigators who looked into the case, now say the case is closed it was definitely a murder suicide and Sahel killed did it.  The final text messages between Steve McNair and Sahel proves it when she constantly nagged him, saying she was very stressed and pleaded for money.

Tennessee Titans Quarterback: Steve McNair, Mechelle’s Worst Enemy

Michelle Mcnair at Steve McNair's FuneralMichelle McNair did not know Steve would forsake her.  Surely, the man she chose to love honor and obey would commit to his end of the bargain.  One would think no one knows her husband, except for the wife, but in the case of deceased Steve McNair, obviously not.  Mechelle McNair says she did not know Steve was cheating on her. Did she know about rented condominium? Probably not, if she claims she did not know about his affairs with other women.  Now, this very prosperous couple were regular members at the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, TN., where Joseph Walker, III is the Senior Pastor who lost his first wife to cancer.  You would think Steve McNair would have learned his lesson of how one could lose their spouse, but no, instead he chose to enjoy discreet lustful pleasures and ended up losing his own life.

Why Did Steve McNair Live a Double Life & Offend His Wife?

Steve McNair, the late NFL quarterback  led a double life.  He lived as a family man who faithfully attended church every Sunday with his wife.  It hurts for wives who have experienced being married to a spouse who seemed like an honest man, but died as a man who really openly had affairs.  Believe or not, there are many women who have endured the same miserable feeling of being deceived by their husband and have to live with the memory of how they died in a tragedy with a 20-year old mistress, Sahel Kazemi who was obsessed with him and he was just as guilty for not leaving her alone, including many other star struck women.

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