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Whitney Houston Ignored for Grammy

How could America ignore one of the world’s greatest comebacks this year: Ms. Whitney Houston, for a Grammy?

I just want to know how she not only didn’t get a Grammy but there was no announcement of a nomination at all.

I just don’t understand it. How was she snubbed out of even one Grammy Award.

Let’s just look at Whitney for a minute. She had not made an album in 7 years and a hit album longer than that. She finally left her husband, bad boy Bobby Brown, 2 years ago. She has made a beautiful new start for her life. She took the advice of music label producer, Clive Davis and made a comeback that the world can not deny her credit for.

Whitney Houston Graces Wardrobe Malfunction on X Factor in Europe

Whitney Houston  is taking the world by storm with her new album “I Look to You” which is #2 on the Top 200 album charts. She is doing her thing as ‘if she never left’ is a true statement of her other single with Akon. What an amazing comeback she’s done and the world is embracing her like never before.

Though she does not call this her ‘comeback’ but her ‘come-through’, as she voiced on her appearance on the Oprah show this summer, she had definitely ‘come  through’an amazing breakthrough and she’s taking all of us on a ride with her.

Whitney Houston Comes Back Very Big and Bobby Brown, The Former New Edition Is Watching

whitney_elizabeth_houstonWhitney Houston, America’s favorite entertainer has released her star to the world, again without a Bobby Brown lagging behind her stardom.  Whitney Houston is America’s favorite superstar.  What does this woman need with a clown who looks like a joker?  The ex-New Edition member has really added to his shame when asked by an interviewer, what would you have to say, if Whitney negatively talks about you during her interview with Oprah Winfrey, he then answered, “well I would seriously have to have a talk with her.” What???? A talk???? How can a penniless clown have the authority to have a talk with the superstar-diva of Pop.  He simply cannot think that he has the power to sit her down and hear what he has to say.

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