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Police arrested Evanglist in Church: Wife’s Body in Freezer- UPDATED!!

What is this world of Black in America coming to? A pentecostal evangelist keeps his wife body in the freezer since 2004. This-is definitely weird. Anthony Hopkins, 37, was preaching at Inspirational Tabernacle Church of God in Christ where Evangelist Beverly Jackson is the Pastor. Hopkins was invited as a guest speaker for the church’s revival. Before his arrest, Investor, Sgt. Ron Baggett could hear him preaching for one hour about forgiveness.

A relative called the police on Hopkins and while police investigators were searching his home, they accidentally found his wife’s corpse in the utility room’s freezer. The relative had reported Evangelist Hopkins for sodomy and incest, which was the original reason for the investigators searching Hopkins home.

Steve Phillips gets the Boot by ESPN

ESPN has announced today that they have decided to fire Steve Phillips. ESPN says, “His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged, it became evident it was time to part ways”. Now Steve Phillips is admitting himself for treatment into a medical facility to address his “issues”.
Maybe if he had done that back when he involved himself with another young lady when he was the general manager for NY Mets, he would have avoided this embarrassment which has compromised his family life and career.

Is ESPN’s Steve Phillips worst off than Steve McNair’s Sex Scandal?

Everyone thought that NFL legend Steve McNair had it bad when his affair was exposed to the world and his wife. (Though I am sure she knew about his affairs). I mean really now…. Steve McNair’s indiscretions literally went to the grave with him. Steve McNair’s life ending story is one that you  only see in the movies.

Has there ever been a movie made to reflect this magnitude of sex and scandal? Someone tell us please.

This had to be one of the most tragic and most revealing sex scandals in the news today, next to the prolific former Detroit Mayor Kwame’ Kilpatrick’s:  Sex, Lies and Text Messages’.

UConn Football Player Jasper Howard’s Death Needs Answers

This is another sad story of a young life gone to waste for no apparent reason. So here we go with heartbreaking news about University of Connecticut Jasper Howard sudden death.

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