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  • Cowboys Cheerleader Whitney Isleib Facing Costume Controversy: For What?

    Cowboys Cheerleader Whitney Isleib Facing Costume Controversy: For What?

    cowboys_cheerleader_Whitney IsleibWhy should it be controversial for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Whitney Isleib to choose a black face for a Halloween costume? It is not wrong, for this reason, most black people do like being black and even admit they are black.  There is a big difference between the ex-husband of Whooppi Goldberg, Ted Danson (former TV star of Cheers) who dressed up like Aunt Jemima who was making mockery of black people and Whitney Isleib who only wanted to take pride of having a black face for Halloween. Whitney Isleib is taking a lot of heat just for having a black face for Halloween.  When people dress up for Halloween, a lot of times they admire the character they choose to imitate, not because they dislike who they are dressing up like.  Whitney Isleib possibly liked wearing a black face, because she was trying to reveal there was nothing wrong with being born with one, something that most black people feel inferior about.  Her expression was simply to be different and to reveal what is beautiful to her, not necessarily anything to be made fun of.  The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders never even had that many black members, this is possibly the reason she was making it known how beautiful it is to be able to have such a face.  Whitney Isleib was making history to show that having a black face should be accepted as a Dallas Cheerleader and something we all should not see less of.  It is very sad that black people are still very hypocritical about being black while misjudging this Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.  In this era, some black people have gotten so far away of who they are, their culture, including their history, they should not waste anytime of Whitney Isleib having fun on Halloween night and opposing her freedom of expression.  Many black people yearn to avoid the very black face Whitney Isleib by bleaching their skin, luring their children not to date those who are similar to them and even seek descendants who are of another race.  Many black people run away from being black while they raise hell against those who may make mockery by wearing a black face or just simply desire to have fun by proving black is not ugly, the way Whitney Isleib did on Halloween night.  Because of so much self hatred, black people should be proud of Whitney Isleib’s expression of black beauty.