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Mo’Nique Loses More Weight, Down 45lbs and Backtracks Her Prior Open Marriage Comments!

mo'nique weight loss

Mo’Nique Loses More Weight and Down 45lbs!

It’s always nice to see someone get to a healthy weight. There was a time years ago when Mo’Nique embraced her big girl look and did comedy shows and wrote a book about it too. She seemed to market that look and was proud of it. Unfortunately, being a ‘big girl’ is not the most healthy way to live and we think Mo’Nique is very happy with her new look now. She’s been working on her image now for a few years and she’s trying to get down to 180 lbs. She’s recently lost 45 lbs.

Celebrity News: Mo’Nique sheds 80 pounds

mo'nique loses 80 pounds

Wow sisters! Do you see Mo’nique? If she can lose weight, there is certainly no excuse for any of us.

Mo’nique has lost 80 pounds. It seems as though she has controlled her mindset to make it happen. Furthermore, this is so…Read full article, here.

Source: The Souls of Black Women, 2nd Edition

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Black Women Who Agree With Same Sex Marriages Similar To Comedienne, Mo’ nique

First and foremost, let us forewarn black women who honor same sex marriages, you are in complete violation of the Word of God.   If you are married to a man, why would you agree with same sex marriage?   After hearing from one of our main journalists of AT2W who did a report on Mo’nique, the famous black female actress and comedienne married to Sidney Hicks who allegedly believes not only in having an open marriage, but also agrees with same sex marriage.   It does not matter how hard African Americans have had it in the entertainment industry, we do not have a right to give up our morals and values.  

Mo’Nique Show Romances The Most Hypocritical in the Church

Mo’Nique Show Romances The Most Hypocritical in the Church

Well its time to talk about how hypocritical some people who represent the church today really are. We were given a link by one of our readers to watch the episode of The Mo’Nique Show which aired on Friday, Jan. 28th. We normally do not support The Mo’Nique Show because we have found her to be disrespectful towards some of her guests that represent God by blatantly using profanity and inappropriate jokes that seem blaspheme God’s name. We actually were going to do a story on her about that very subject but put it aside. Well we will tackle the issues in this episode, which, by the way has nothing to do with disrespecting men and women of God. Oh no. Ms. Mo’Nique actually is coming to the defense of the three guests she had on her show, Gospel of Inclusion follower, Bishop Carlton Pearson, hip hop gospel artist, Tye Tribbett and gospel recording artist Wess Morgan.

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