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God’s Transformation of an Ex-Homosexual, Charlene Cothran

God’s Transformation of an Ex-Homosexual, Charlene Cothran

Originally posted on Dec. 21, 2010

We wanted to share with you all how good God is. But before we do, let’s speak on how God can change your life if you open up your heart and let him in.

As you know, we wrote an article on ex-lesbian Charlene Cothran. She was an out and open homosexual for 30 years. Yes, can you believe that?- 30 years is a long time. She was not only an out and open, proud lesbian, she was the publisher of a magazine, Venus for gay rights and the gay initiative movement. She revealed in her testimony that she helped pass many laws in favor of the gay community.

Charlene Cothran, Ex-Lesbian of Venus Magazine Combats Demonic Influence of Modern Day Black Preachers

Charlene E. Cothran is really a soul sent from God.  Although, this is not a christian blog, we pretty much stay up to date with what is going on in the church world, because we have seen the Christian church go from holiness to accepting the ways of the world.  Recently, we shared an article with you, regarding the false teachings of Bishop Carlton Pearson and Yvette Flunder, a woman who so boasts she was influenced to acknowledge God is gay affirming through the late Bishop Walter Hawkins ministry.  It amazes us that those two bold preachers of false teachings are grew up in one of the most strictest denominations, the Church of God in Christ, founded by the Bishop Charles Mason, a man who stayed on his knees day and night, preaching his followers about holy living.  Wow.  If you read the history of COGIC and observe what has became of the offspring of many prestigious followers, if you truly have a close relationship with God, you cannot ignore that possibly those who have left and many of those who remained within COGIC are re-probated and it seems like they have chosen to take on a mission for Satan to mislead God’s creation, men and women.  However, we have come to recognize God has some warriors and one of those strong soldiers is the publisher of a former gay magazine for gay people of color called Venus Magazine.

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