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Philadelphia Police Seek Transgender ‘Black Madam’ for Implant Death of British Woman

Here at AT2W, we keep informing you women time and time again to leave these cosmetic surgeries, alone.   There have been too many permanent mistakes and accidental deaths.   Previously, we have updated you about the Atlanta case, involving a physician by the name of Nathaniel Johnson, III who have ruined the lives of several women and even caused one woman to die through failure to administer an accurate injection by an unlicensed doctor.  It is not understood why there are so many women who feel unattractive that they have to go through medical procedures of implants of any sort, adding, subtracting and completely changing the way God created them to be without even caring how He feels about it. What is so sickening is, in our prior story regarding Dr. Nathaniel Johnson who got his medical licensed suspended, we found it very strange these women could even consider going to him, because he allegedly appeared very effeminate while he briefly spoke to Fox Atlanta News, which reminds us of a very womanly gay beautician who has many female customers who are fascinated with him as he chops most of their hair off or even damages it. In this case of the deceased 20-year-old British woman, she and her friend sought consultation from this trans-gender singer, ‘Black Madam’ for an implant surgical procedure that occurred in a Renaissance Hotel.  This transgender singer even used aliases.

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