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Mary Mary Allegedly Mentioned David Danced To Excuse Their Sort of Worldly Praise

On a previous televised interview with Mary Mary and Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary: Erica Atkins-Campbell and Tina Atkins-Campbell made the excuse of gospel artists and those in the church who idolize should have a right to perform, sing and dance like the world, when they allegedly said, ” David danced“.   Really?   David was not doing the sort of dancing Mary Mary was referring to.   The sort of dancing David did was giving full glory to God not doing any sort of secular dancing like the world.   Let us assure you that all of this dancing that has been made okay by the black church is pure blasphemy and sacrilegious.  Who do Mary Mary think they are to lie on King David as though he danced in a secular fashion.   Let us remind Mary Mary and the ministers of the black church who have not rebuked them, the only dancing God understands is dancing under the anointing and power of God.

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer Responsible for Mary Mary Collaborating with David Banner, T. I. and L. L. Cool J

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, pastor of Faithful Central is responsible for Mary Mary associating with secular artists.  Bishop Kenneth Ulmer has disrespected God’s order to keep the body of Christ holy by allowing his two members, Erica and Tina Atkins-Campbell to perform with secular artists like David Banner, T. I., L. L. Cool J and many others.   According to Mary K. Baxter, a woman of God who went to hell with Jesus Christ for 30 nights (watch Minister Baxter here or listen here), she saw ministers burning in eternal fire for not preaching everything He desired for them to preach.   This is why it is so very important for us to point at particular ministers who have destroyed not only the gospel music industry by allowing artists to appear as harlots and thugs, but to reveal how they have not preached against these gospel music artists associating with secular artists who are (hardcore) rappers and hip-hop artists like David Banner, T. I., L. L. Cool J and possibly more than them.

Satanic Illuminati Hip Hop Gospel Artists Mary Mary Reach Stardom With L. L. Kool J

Satanic Illuminati Hip Hop Gospel Artists Mary Mary Reach Stardom With L. L. Kool J

Although, we realize Mary Mary were very popular before teaming up with L. L. Cool J, we also agree they did not make as much money as they are now, millions of dollars.   We were not surprise when one of our journalists came across this video on You Tube, which reveals just how deep they are involved with the lifestyle of the rich and famous, discreet Satan worshipers, allegedly.  That’s right, whenever, you see someone affiliate themselves with someone who has boldly revealed the Corna hand signal (a signal to Satan, their god), they have sold their souls to the Devil.   Now, we are just going by what we have seen on this video and it is a disgraced how far the gospel music industry has went and how willing gospel artists are, to come in agreement with demonic forces to make a profit.

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