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Mary K. Baxter: Gospel Artists Whom Live Hypocritical Lives and Ministers Whom Support Them Offend God

God does not condone hypocrisy in His Kingdom.  Gospel music is a part of God’s Kingdom and those whom create songs supposedly for the glory of God offend God when they live discreet double lives.   When we heard the previous testimonies about various people whom went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ, they discussed how Jesus was offended by many ministers whom lived hypocritical lives.  Therefore, we could imagine He is neither pleased with gospel artists whom think they are entertainers and not performing to reach souls for God.  If Michael Jackson was allegedly seen burning in hell by Angelica Zambrano, then how do gospel artists whom are living hypocritical lives think they are going to avoid judgement?  Possibly, you think you can hide behind your pastor, but God and His angels is taking record of your misconduct within His Kingdom.  Therefore take heed to this article and do right before it is everlasting too late.

Like Bishop Carlton Pearson, Rob Bell Should Listen To Mary Kay Baxter’s Visit to Hell for 30 Nights

Like Bishop Carlton Pearson, Rob Bell, overseer of Mars Hill Church is going to get the scariest shock, after death. While these two new age philosophers try to sway souls away from righteousness, Mary K. Baxter tells a different story of how Jesus Christ took her on a thirty night tour to hell and only ten night tour to heaven. When Mary K. Baxter went to hell, she witnessed various stories of people pleading with Jesus to let them out of hell, particularly pastors who misled people and taught false gospels. There are stories of ministers who were placed in their own eternal hell in extreme misery while flipping the pages of a fake Bible, because they did not teach the Word of God, accurately.  Therefore, this author of Love Wins maybe popular for not preaching what is  in the Holy Bible, but one of these days, he will regret he did so and he will be like those ministers Mary K. Baxter saw pleading to escape eternal damnation.

Minister Tetaun Moffett Speaks Truth About Hip Hop Gospel In The Church

Minister Tetaun Moffett Speaks Truth About Hip Hop Gospel In The Church

We received an email from one of our readers who sent us a link to this specific video on You Tube and we have agreed to do this article and thought it was very important to share it with you.   Minister Tetaun Moffett of Ex ministries is a true minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ who is trying to reach the masses who are lost in the trend of hip hop gospel.   Tetaun Moffett is a former member of Temple of Hip Hop.  This man of God is spreading the message of false prophets in the pulpit, making a profit off of hip-hop while claiming to win the youth, instead of making Jesus Christ the focus of their ministry.

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