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Black Church News: Pastor Marvin Winans Refused to Bless Unmarried Woman’s Baby Before Congregation?

Who would have thought someone from the “famous family of imperfection” would judge someone else? 

Pastor Marvin Winans allegedly refused to dedicated an unwed mother’s son, because she is unmarried.  First of all, we cannot understand someone from the Winans clan saying such a…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo: Christian Post

Marvin Winans, Jr. Sang ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ at Paula White’s New Destiny Christian Center

After a guest minister, Minister Edwards preached a sermon and told the congregation to stand and say, ‘I Believe I Can Fly,’ a surprised guest was at New Destiny Christian Center. 
The son of Pastor Marvin and famous gospel artist, Vickie Winans came down the aisle singing R. Kelly’s song, cracking and off key.  Of course, we never have been a fan and never thought Marvin Winans, Jr. could hold a note…Read full article, here.
Photo: New Destiny Christian Center

Pastor Marvin Winans Speaks Out In the Spirit of Pride: 3 Suspects Arraigned in Carjacking

Pastor Marvin Winans has finally spoken out and allegedly says maybe his status can help bring a change to work for those whom are not of his stature, in so many words.   He then went on to say possibly this is why this happened to him and we partly agree.   Yes there was a reason it happened so things change, but not because of who he is.  We do not think that any person is above anybody else and can think of themselves as being a person of a higher class than the rest in our society, that is a spirit of…Read full article, here.
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Video: Detroit’s Pastor Marvin Winans to Give Eulogy at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

What better person to give the eulogy at the funeral of Whitney Houston?   Pastor Marvin Winans knows the Houston family very well and even recalls Whitney calling him upon stage at her previous concert, there in Detroit. There is one thing about Whitney Houston, she loved the Lord.  Regardless of her personal emotional hardships in life, she never forgot God and always reminded her fans how much she loved him.   Pastor Marvin Winans obviously knows how close Whitney was to God and this is why he has been chosen to give the eulogy at his friend’s funeral.

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