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Did Marvin Sapp’s Bodyguards Taunt Teleka Patrick? New Tips Point to Sapp’s Church, etc

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Watch- Investigators Found New Developments in Teleka Patrick Disappearance Case [VIDEO]

My Goodness! Did Marvin Sapp’s bodyguards taunt her or even do something to this young woman? We hate to say but we just never trusted that Marvin Sapp and now the missing doctor’s mother says Teleka told her if anything ever happens to me that they should look at Sapp’s church.

Teleka Patrick Investigation: New Details on Missing Person’s Case

Teleka Patrick Investigation: Let’s Remember It’s Still a Missing Person’s Case

UPDATE on Feb. 6, 2014:

This past week, authorities from both Indiana and Michigan, including Kalamazoo County, conducted a search on Lake Charles in the town of Porter, Indiana.

The search crews used advanced sonar equipment to create a detailed map of the lake.

Unfortunately, they were not able to find any evidence related to Patrick’s disappearance.

The Patrick family has increased the reward to $20,000 for any information that will lead them to Teleka.

Also, a fundraiser was put on surrounding the Superbowl game for Teleka Patrick:

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