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Gospel Artist Vicki Winans’ Niece Passes Away

vickie winans niece dies
Gospel Artist Vicki Winans’ Niece Passes Away
Dannielle “Precious” Wasson, niece of Vickie Winans and Tim Bowman, Sr., passed away on Thursday due to cancer complications.  She was 30 years old.
eddie and cathy williams tct
Wasson is the daughter of Eddie and Cathy Williams, marriage seminar counselors and regular hosts on the TCT television network.  Cathy is Vickie and Tim’s sister.

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Gospel Artist Vickie Winans Asks Forgivenes But is Told to Repent By Video Owner

Vickie Winans

Gospel Artist Vickie Winans is Told to Repent By Youtube Video Owner

The owner of the Youtube video who allegedly exposed Vickie Winans has addressed her and told her to repent. On the Youtube page with video, Vickie Winans Exposed ( Hidden Coven 6), she states she is very sorry for living up to their standards. In fact she also states she has tried to please people all of her life and asks for forgiveness.

Watch Alleged Satanic Illuminati Vickie Winans Shown On Video Revealing Hidden 6

We are not saying Vickie Winans is a part of the secret society of the Satanic Illuminati; however, this video was sent to us by an anonymous reader through one of our sister sites who humbly wanted to know the truth.   Why don’t you take a look and decide for yourself, because this was very bothering to us.  

How People Are Still Moved By Gospel’s Vicki Winan’s Apology [AT2W’s Replay]

How People Are Still Moved By Gospel’s Vicki Winan’s Apology

We wanted to share this post again with our readers because so many people still contact us about how moved they are from her apology and what we had to say about it.

We have to say that it continues to bless us everyday. So if you have not read this post, we hope it blesses you and make sure to watch the video below.

Originally posted on: January 16, 2011

Bebe and CeCe Winans: How Close is Too Close for Siblings? [AT2W Replay]

Originally posted on 11/10/2009

Bebe and CeCe Winans: How Close is Too Close for Siblings? [Replay]

Bebe and Cece Winans have been a household name for a long time especially for those who have listened to black gospel music in the 80’s and 90’s.

Actually, to be frank, they have not been just featured as ‘gospel singers’, but the ‘Winans family is greatly known all over the world, and their records have been played on many R&B, Soul and Hip Hop radio stations.

The New Vickie Winans Show Offering $1000 with a Twitter Contest


The New Vickie Winans Show Offering $1000 with a Twitter Contest

The Vickie Winans Show is a variety show where dreams do come true. The program will feature special guests, great artist performances, music videos, and tons of laughs.

Vickie Winans-Greatest Hits

Vickie is offering $1000 for your story. Be sure to follow @vickiewinans to be eligible to enter the contest.

By writing and submitting a 140 word or less story using the 5 different gospel song titles provided by Vickie Winans for 4 WEEKS in the month of August 2011, you are totally agreeing to all the terms, conditions and rules of the contest.

Blameless Vicki Winans’ Apology Celebrates Forgiveness

Blameless Vicki Winans’ Apology Celebrates Forgiveness

It’s really a wonderful thing when anyone can recognize what they do wrong in life. Whether it was their issue or someone else’s issue: confessing to another person that you are truly sorry for any wrong you have caused, is honored by God.

Son Of Pastor Marvin Winans and Ex-Wife Vickie Winans, Mario Accused of Being a Deadbeat Father

Mario Winans, the son of sensational gospel artists, Vickie Winans and Pastor Marvin Winans, Sr. is accused of being a deadbeat father.   His ex-girlfriend, Janelle Bennett says Mario is four months behind in child support. However, the root of the problem are accusations coming from his ex-girlfriend back in 1997 who is jealous of his marriage to his wife, Joy, the mother of his three children. Every time she has spoken out to the press, regarding his lack of child support, she has always expressed her jealousy about what he and his wife, Joy possess, living in a big luxury home.  Deep down inside, is Janelle Bennett angry just because Mario Winans is behind in child support or is it pure jealousy?   We think it is both.

Greed Dominates The Winans Family & Michael Winans, Sr. & Jr. Faces Criminal Charges Linking to Ponzi Scheme

Since the mid-eighties, the Winans family brought in a different style of gospel music and changed the whole way gospel music artists performed in the church, similar to secular artists.  Many gospel artists began to eagerly desire to share the wealth of what the Winans family was already enjoying through BeBe and CeCe, the Winans brothers (Marvin Winans, Sr., Ronald, Carvin and Michael, Winans, Sr.), the ex-wife of Marvin Winans, Sr., Vickie Winans, Debbie and Angie Winans, then Phase II (the offspring of the Winans brothers, Marvin, Jr., Carvin III, Juan and Michael, Jr.).  Now, two family members of Phase II are signed under the label owned by P. Diddy of Bad Boy records.  Even Marvin Winans, Jr. has changed his contemporary gospel into a more secular style that does not identify with the church, at all.  Church music artists no longer wanted to identify with what they called traditional gospel music, but make quick money and gain profits from the world through their contemporary gospel songs and performances. People began to use the Winans usual excuse whenever church people disagreed with their style, “We want to reach the world“, knowing good and well, by becoming contemporary gospel artists, they were not necessarily out to reach the world, but make the same sort of income like secular artists while sharing the fame.  Growing up in the 1980’s one could go to a church service and began to see amateur artists acting and singing like the Winans family, instead of being themselves, it was so sickening.   No longer was it trying to be like Walter, Edwin or Tramaine Hawkins, but the popular thing was for one to change the way they would dress or style their hair, similar to the Winans family.  So, growing up in the black church during the time of Rev. James Cleveland’s death, the King of Gospel, you would recognize black gospel as hip-hop gospel or gospel jazz music.  Church people felt comfortable to now identify with gospel music and encourage younger generations to make the same sort of money like the Winans family.   Gospel artists made deals with music producers who were managers of secular artists and even made music with secular artists, which made it a billion-dollar industry, is what Pastor Shirley Caesar boasted on a Bobby Jones special, years ago.

Bebe’s Ex-Wife Debra Winans Opens Up on Lexi Show

Debra Winans, ex-Wife of famed comtemporary and new age gospel singer, Bebe Winans is speaking out about her marriage to Bebe Winans and the infamous domestic violence incident that occurred in front of her home in Nashville, TN on Feb. 13th this year.  She also talks about her new book, dating and her new image.

View Video Below

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