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Singer Sly Stone Homeless on the Streets of LA in His Van

Singer Sly Stone Homeless on the Streets of LA in His Van

We are going to pray for Brother Sly that he will find restoration from his current living situation and circumstances.

Read report from Eurweb:

Sly Stone, one of the biggest names in music who fronted the mega group Sly and the Family Stone, is living in a van in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles.

Stone, whose hits include “Everyday People,” “Everybody is a Star,” and “I Want to Take You Higher,” said, “I just do not want to return to a fixed home, I cannot stand being in one place.  I must keep moving,” he told the New York Post.

Rapper T.I. Released From Prison: Is He Tired Living Like a Gangster? UPDATE

Rapper T.I. Released From Prison: Is He Tired Living Like a Gangster?

We talk about how we all need to take responsibility for our actions and deal with the consequences but what we would like see is entertainers leading example for others? Some people in the entertainment industry many times feel they are invincible and untouchable but time and time again they are proven wrong when the cops catch up with them. Many hip hop artists and rappers who continue to have to prove they are high paid gangsters by carrying guns and drugs. Some of those rappers would be DMX, Lil’ Wayne, Suge Knight, etc.

Janet Jackson Barbie Doll Auctioned at $15,000 for Hunger Relief

This one of a kind Barbie doll of Janet Jackson was up for grabs at an auction this week. Janet Jackson doll was manufactured by Mattel toy company and made just for this occasion.

Jackson was auctioning this cute doll made in her image (dress worn when she performed American Idol this year) to help benefit Project Angel Food in raising money for this hunger charity in Los Angeles.

Project Angel Food is a benefits need families and provides delivery of meals to ill stricken individuals. It sold for $15,000.00 on Dec. 15 and will help feed families of terminally ill citizens. Great job Janet!

New Twist In Hollywood Publicist Ronni Chasen’s Death

Harold Smith, a convicted felon committed suicide last week when question by investigators, regarding the death of a popular Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen.  Smith lived only a few miles from where Chasen was killed in her Mercedes Benz while driving down Sunset Boulevard.  When investigators approached Smith in the lobby of an apartment complex for low income, struggling actors, he instantly shot and killed himself in the lobby, leaving a gruesome bloody scene.

Suspected Killer of Hollywood Publicist Kills Himself

The man who was suspecting of killing Ronni Chasen has committed suicide. The suspect killed himself in the lobby of a popular low-rent Hollywood apartment complex while Beverly Hills investigators tried to question him.  Suspiciously, investigators did not mention this man’s role in the murder of Chasen, but Lt. Tony Lee said their investigation is far from over.

The apartment complex is known for renting out to struggling actors.

The murdered occurred in a upper class residential area of Beverly Hills, a few miles from the hotel where the suspect was residing at this low-rent apartment complex.

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