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Black Women Ask God First: Latasha Jackson, Ohio Mom, Found Shot To Death Alongside Baby And Estranged Boyfriend

We know we did not previously follow this story here on Souls of Black Women blog, but we just wanted to reveal why we as black women should be very careful to choose the right man, not only to be in a relationship with, but to also father our children.  We must learn to ask God, if He desires for us to date certain men.   We should not be so happy just because a decent or good-looking man wants to be our man, but we should be happy to discover if he is truly a follower of Jesus Christ, there is no other way it will work.   God wants us as black women to humble ourselves and ask for His thoughts about the man whom desires to be in our life, because if not, we could risk a fatal tragedy such as this one that took the life of Latasha Jackson and her baby. 

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