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KeKe Wyatt and Stacey Francis: What Whitney Houston’s Death Has Taught Us ‘Virtuous’ Black Women

The death of our queen, Whitney Houston has taught those of us black women whom are virtuous a few lessons.  Before we give you those lessons, we want to say there are some people always like to dig up dirt, after a person is gone and we do not appreciate Keke Wyatt or Stacey Wyatt bringing up Whitney’s human flaws, as US Mirror allegedly reported.  The link is revealed at the bottom, but we will not link it, you will have to copy and paste it for obvious reasons.  We just want to remember Whitney Houston in a good way and those whom act as though they never got angry in a day in their life will reap what they so.  KeKe Wyatt maybe allegedly complaining now, but she needs to recall allegedly pulling a knife on her ex-husband and stabbing him with it.   Anyway, please read what Whitney Houston’s death can teach us virtuous black women in a good way.

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