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Kara Kopetsky’s Ex-boyfriend, Kylr Yust, Wanted By Sheriff’s Deputies for Court Violation

Allegedly, Kara Kopetsky’s ex-boyfriend was suspected of possibly having something to do with Kopetsky’s disappearance and now there is more trouble for him.   He is wanted by Sheriff’s Deputies for a court violation.  If you have been following this case, you know Kara’s parents have been doing whatever they can to find their daughter.  It has been a tragedy for this family and even friends of the family who love and miss her.  

Why was he due back in court?  He was accused of violently attacking his present girlfriend, allegedly.

By: Russ Ptacek

Missing KY Preacher, David Dickinson Found Dead in Tennessee

The body of Evangelist David Dickinson has been recovered after missing for two weeks.   As we have told you before, it is time for the church to get serious with God because these tragedies among ministers just will not stop.  Although, it seems like David Dickinson was doing the right thing having revivals, something went wrong for him to be mysteriously found dead.   The pastor, Tim Atkisson of the last church he was having a revival at, New Life Tabernacle Church mentioned he seemed like he could not keep his thought while up preaching his last sermon.   It seems like this minister could have been sick, but the fact of his wife mentioning he took only his cell phone with him for a walk and not his Bible and wallet is very strange.   He said he could not sleep and last words to his wife were, “I love you.”

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