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K-Ci and Jo Jo Plan to Reunite with Jodeci [VIDEO]

Yes, its true.

On their TV One reality show, K-Ci and Jo Jo discuss their possible plans of reuniting and starting the group back into business with former group member Devante Swing.

They discuss it on camera that if that bring back the group, it will be music like they used to sing. They say that the love songs that are out now are NOT real songs.

K-Ci, Jo Jo and Devante Swing  make it clear that contrary to popular belief, the group never broke up.

Watch video of the meeting.

K-Ci and Jo Jo’s First Two Episodes Are Inspirational (Watch Videos)

Courtesy of TV One

The Latest News and Celebrity Lifestyles-

Latest Celebrity News: K-Ci and Jo Jo now have two episodes under their belts. Not just for the world to see but they have a couple of weeks of sobriety and they seem to be getting all of the support they need.

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