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Did Bishop Thomas Weeks III Make a Wise Choice Marrying Prophetess Christina Glenn?

We know the trouble in Bishop Thomas Weeks III past marriage with Dr. Juanita Bynum was not all his fault, it always takes two to make a marriage go wrong and now we sort of understand what he was trying to tell everyone while defending himself.    Bishop Thomas Weeks tried to tell everyone and people did not listen, not just because Juanita Bynum is a woman, but because she is very popular and has had her ministry supported by Bishop T. D. Jakes.   Saints of God, we have got to be very careful not to take sides, because it seems like what Bishop Thomas Weeks was trying to tell us, we are witnessing right now: Juanita Bynum allegedly has some emotional abnormalities.   To prove his possible accuracy, allegedly, Bishop Thomas Weeks mentioned there were times, Bynum would have violent outbursts.   Therefore, people who judged wrongfully judged him, never knew the real Juanita Bynum.  The Bible says, he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing (Proverbs 18:22), but it may not have been necessarily true when Bishop Thomas Weeks married Juanita Bynum.

Bishop Thomas Weeks III Allegedly Said Juanita Bynum Wanted to Be The Next Oprah Winfey

First of all, it is impossible for anyone to become someone else.   That’s one main reason why a lot people crack up, because they cannot become someone else they were not born to be.   We heard on a prior interview with Bishop Thomas Weeks III on WOAK radio, Juanita Bynum had her focus on becoming the next Oprah.   Many of us did not pay attention when Bishop Thomas Weeks made that exact alleged statement, regarding Bynum wanting to be the next Oprah and you can hear it at the end of this article.   First, what happened to allowing God to make you great as only the person He created you to be?   Secondly, why would any true woman of God want to be a famous person in the secular world?   Possibly, Dr. Juanita Bynum is doing things that are strange like typing in tongues, because she is not happy with who she is as a person?  Reality has kicked in she can never be the next Oprah, because she is not Oprah she is only Juanita Bynum.   

Facebook Comments Question if Juanita Bynum Really ‘Typed in Tongues’

Facebook Comments Question if Juanita Bynum Really ‘Typed in Tongues’

We have to say that many people questioned us about what we stated in our previous post about Dr. Juanita Bynum ‘typing in tongues’ on her Facebook page. Many could see on her Facebook page that most of her fans seem to agree with what she was stating or typing.

Just when we thought it was those of us outside of her friendship circle finding offense to it, Christian Post found some who commented on it in unfavorable ways.

Juanita Bynum II Speaking In Tongues On Facebook: Is It Possible or Just Insane?

We have been following Dr. Juanita Bynum II on Christian Television for many years; even before she tied the knot with her ex-husband Bishop Weeks.   Since her breakup, we have also noticed she has been falling away from being holy and hanging out with celebrities and making sure her followers see her at the Soul Train music awards by revealing past photos that were previously on her website.  In the early days of her ministry, we also remember when Dr. Juanita Bynum appeared on TBN, mentioning how she was in a mental institution and how she was experiencing delusions of grandeur, allegedly.  She talked about how she lost her mind and how God delivered her- a few times.  Therefore, look at her Facebook account. It seems as though she is possibly having an episode again because something is wrong.

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