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Satanic Illuminati: Joyce Meyers Teaches We Must Be Seen Under The All-Seeing Eye

We thought we should remain on the subject of the Satanic Illuminati, especially when it comes to those who reveal themselves as true men or women of God who earn millions, a year in the so-call ministry.  However, they are not in the ministry of preaching for Jesus Christ, but for Satan, alone.  Now, we are going by what was revealed on this audio, which is the voice of Joyce Meyers, one of the most known teachers who acts as though the is appointed by God when in fact, she has been appointed by Satan.   We feel Joyce Meyers is an alleged member of the Satanic Illuminati.  Now, you see why she is on programs of some of the most well known false prophets like Bishop T. D. Jakes.   We are not saying she is, but we hear she is an alleged affiliate of the Satanic Illuminati, by the words that she spoke on this audio, captured on video presented to us, by one of our dedicated readers.

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