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Creflo Dollar Is Opening a World Changers Church In Australia

Creflo Dollar is making a big move by expanding his ministry in Australia.  

This is what God wants, but we feel as American preachers expand their ministries across the world, there is a need to somehow collaborate…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Photo: Black Christian News

Joel Osteen Discuss Coming Out in Support of Gay Marriage on Katie Couric’s Talk Show

We thought Joel Osteen allegedly made it clear, he did not condone homosexuality. 

However, it’s pretty strange, he seems to be melting down to be accepted by those don’t like fire and…Read full article, here.


Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


The Remnant’s Audio/Video: Why Haven’t African Americans Expected Paula White To Apologize Like Don Imus For Alleged Racial Remarks?

Originally posted on Feb. 9, 2012

We happen to find this evaluation, regarding Paula White’s alleged racial remarks, which are so offensive, we often wonder why Rev. Al Sharpton has not came out in the press and demanded for her to apologize to African Americans like he did Don Imus.  Also, we wonder why thousands of African Americans are followers of Paula White and contribute to her ministry, after she has allegedly made fun of African American’s grade of hair.  On The Remnant’s website, we heard this audio and even watch a video clip and it was very offensive, just as offensive as Don Imus previous racist alleged remarks heard on the radio.  There seems to have been a double standard among black people, the only race who has an historical history of being enslaved by their white slave masters in America and God is not pleased with their gullible behavior and silence, regarding this issue.  

Lakewood Church Sued By Secular Band, The American Dollar

Well, it looks like this couple is reaping what they sowed.  Do you recall the incident on the plane when Gloria Osteen allegedly physically attacked a flight attendant.  The attendant claimed Gloria shoved and shouted at her.  They even went to trial and the Osteen’s won and were very happy they did not have to pay the flight attendant the money she previously requested for the alleged assault.   Now, there church is in trouble and they are being sued again for using a secular song past its’ expiration date.  One question, what was Lakewood doing making a deal with this secular group in the first place, being born again Christians they are supposed to deal with people who know Christ and only Christian music should be heard during church services and on their broadcasts.   So, the $3 million dollars that is being requested by the secular group, The American Dollar should not be a problem for their church to pay, for the couple not only offended the flight attendant, but they both have violated the Kingdom of God.

Creflo Dollar and Bishop Paul Morton Have A lot In Common

Creflo Dollar who recently supported Bishop Eddie long and publicly spoke out for all of his former members to return to New Birth and Bishop Paul Morton who recently spoke against Bishop Eddie Long have a lot in common and they both do not even realize it.   Dollar and Morton have opposite viewpoints of Bishop Eddie Long’s past sex allegations; however, they both have revealed they lack peace as supposedly men of God and it is so sad. Neither of them is thinking about how God feels about them using the pulpit to speak out about their personal thoughts on Bishop Eddie Long’s business.   It was not appropriate for Creflo Dollar and Bishop Morton to have outbursts in the House of God, not their house. They are pastors over God’s House and they both will be held accountable if they do not publicly apologize to the body of Christ for their misconduct.  You may wonder why we do not support either case if one is for or against Bishop Eddie Long. Simply because they were both wrong in the eyes of God for using the pulpit to express their personal opinions.

Professor Lerone Martin Issues Open Letter to Creflo Dollar on Bishop Long’s ‘Wreck’

Professor Lerone Martin Issues Open Letter to Creflo Dollar on Bishop Long’s ‘Wreck’

Lerone Martin, an assistant professor of American Religious History at Eden Theological Seminar in St. Louis is speaking out on Creflo Dollars defense for Bishop Long’s case. He’s issued an open letter regarding the matter is right on and we hope pastors and their opinions of the Long case will use some discernment before embarrassing themselves.


Lerone Martin’s Open Letter to Creflo Dollar

Millionaire Televangelist Creflo Dollar Wants To Build Arena-Sized Megachurch In NYC

Creflo Dollar who allegedly owns a $2.5 million apartment in the Time Warner Building, wants to build an arena-sized mega church in Bronx, New York.  He desires to purchase the long-dormant Kingsbridge Armory in The Bronx.  According to the New York Post, he offers to turn it into an arena and multipurpose facility and he would the development  happen with his own money.  The offer came after a yearlong study of the armory by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., who assisted to plan the last proposal put together by the Bloomberg administration to change it into a retail and entertainment center.

Creflo Dollar’s Defense for Bishop Eddie Long Could Discourage Former Members From Following Christ

AT2W readers, did you listen to Not Your Typical Negro’s video revealing Creflo Dollar defending Bishop Eddie Long? It was cruel and very disrespectful not only to the former members of New Birth, but also to God.   Creflo Dollar did not once consider the hurt feelings of those who may have been personally and emotionally abused by Bishop Eddie Long and his staff.   The majority of those who left New Birth Missionary Baptist Church were long-suffering, because there were plenty of times Bishop Eddie Long would throw out harsh words in the pulpit against those who were not idolizing him or agreeing with anything that was not in line with the Word of God, the same sort of arrogance you heard on the taped video, NYTN provided for us to hear.   What Dollar fails to recognize is this fact, ministers are responsible for what they say in the pulpit and how they act, they do not have the right to place the blame on the former members of New Birth for not wanting to be under the ministry of someone who was accused of (child) molestation.   His harsh cruelty could easily discourage former members of New Birth from feeling a part of the body of Christ, this has went on for years and it is time to stop preachers like Dollar from lashing out on those who have endured enough pain.

Ex-husband of Paula White, Randy White Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

Randy White, former pastor of Without Walls International Church and ex-husband of Paula White was arrested Saturday night for driving under the influence.

Police say when they stopped Randy White, they tested his blood-alcohol level that exceeded the legal Florida limit of .08 with blood-alcohol content of .093 and .095.   He was arrested and charged with DUI, but was out on a $500 bail Sunday morning.

Paula White’s Support for Donald Trump Proves She Is Not a True Woman of God

For years, Paula White has stood up before millions of people, pretending to be a true woman of God, but her affiliation with Donald Trump proves she is indeed a hypocrite.   Although, we have not caught her doing Illuminati hand signals like her friends Bishop T. D. Jakes and Benny Hinn, she allegedly, seems to be a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.   For years, she allegedly has boasted and shouted into the microphone, ‘I maybe white, but I am a black woman trapped inside of a white woman’s body’, that does not seem like she likes herself and it also seems like a continuous remark to black women to reveal her self-hatred, envy and insecurity; furthermore, it also reveals her hypocrisy to being friends with what some would call an alleged racist, Donald Trump.

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