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New Lawsuit Against Marcus and Joni Lamb of Daystar By Former Employee

The international television ministry, Daystar are denying claims of sexual harassment.  This claim comes after two months, after Marcus Lamb had already faced Daystar viewers admitting an extramarital affair that occurred years ago, already settled between he and his wife, Joni.   See past story, here.

Now, a second lawsuit has been filed by a former employee, Jennifer Falcon claiming that Joni’s father sexually harassed her.  The claim filed in U.S. District Court in Dallas, alleged Lamb’s father, Bill Trammell, created an unpleasant work atmosphere at the Bedford ministry, organized by Marcus and Joni Lamb.

Televangelist Marcus Lamb Says He Cheated on His Wife

Now, those of you who are regular visitors of know we have been telling all of you in recent posts that the world of mega ministries is coming to a close.  For the umpteenth time, this is another sign revealing the end of multi-million dollar ministries.  Marcus and Joni Lamb are one of many so-call ministers who have disgraced the church world with their sex claims.   Marcus and Joni Lamb are based in Dallas, Texas and has been a long time competitor of Trinity Broadcasting Network founded by another extremely wealthy couple who have several studios all over the United States and foreign countries, Paul and Jan Crouch.

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