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Update: Here Is More Proof Johnny Gill is Still Denying He is Gay

One of our journalists was doing research on the latest news on BET website and this is what they saw and heard, Johnny Gill still in denial during an interview on the Monique show.  And guess what?  No one brought up any accusations, not Mo’ Nique, neither Bobby Brown or Ralph Tresvant, just him.

Go Here and just watch! Before you do that, remember how smart and mature Mr. Eddie Murphy is. He does not care about what people say and no one has ever heard him admit or deny anything-just Johnny who has been living in the back-house of Mr. Murphy’s estate. Another thing, one of our other journalists pointed out, Johnny is revealing effeminate gestures and even talks in an effeminate way.

Singer Johnny Gill’s Got a Job!! Moving Out of Eddie Murphy’s House Yet?

New Edition and solo R&B singer Johnny Gill hasn’t had much work so it seems. For years now he has been living with Eddie Murphy  in Murphy’s house. As many of you may already know, Johnny had been living in Eddie’s house for years while Eddie was married to his first wife and mother of Eddie’s first children, Nicole Murphy from Greenhaven in Sacramento, CA.

Apparently, Nicole complained to Eddie and Johnny that his presence was not welcome but it seemed like Eddie was possibly “keeping” Johnnie–if you know what we mean!

Johnny Gill Wastes The Rest of His Life Denying Accusations of Homosexuality While Living in Eddie Murphy’s Cottage

This New Edition member, Johnny Gill is a disgrace to the rest of the members of the group.  You know, we used to say it was Bobby Brown, but that is a whole different story by itself.   Johnny Gill wastes the rest of his life covering up claims of homosexuality and being a spokesperson against Eddie Murphy’s mother, Lillian Murphy Lynch, instead of focusing on his career to make him some money, so he can finally move out of Eddie Murphy’s estate and care for himself.  He is a disgrace to manhood.

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