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  • Update: Here Is More Proof Johnny Gill is Still Denying He is Gay

    Update: Here Is More Proof Johnny Gill is Still Denying He is Gay

    One of our journalists was doing research on the latest news on BET website and this is what they saw and heard, Johnny Gill still in denial during an interview on the Monique show.  And guess what?  No one brought up any accusations, not Mo’ Nique, neither Bobby Brown or Ralph Tresvant, just him.

    Go Here and just watch! Before you do that, remember how smart and mature Mr. Eddie Murphy is. He does not care about what people say and no one has ever heard him admit or deny anything-just Johnny who has been living in the back-house of Mr. Murphy’s estate. Another thing, one of our other journalists pointed out, Johnny is revealing effeminate gestures and even talks in an effeminate way.

  • Whitney Houston Ignored for Grammy

    Whitney Houston Ignored for Grammy

    How could America ignore one of the world’s greatest comebacks this year: Ms. Whitney Houston, for a Grammy?

    I just want to know how she not only didn’t get a Grammy but there was no announcement of a nomination at all.

    I just don’t understand it. How was she snubbed out of even one Grammy Award.

    Let’s just look at Whitney for a minute. She had not made an album in 7 years and a hit album longer than that. She finally left her husband, bad boy Bobby Brown, 2 years ago. She has made a beautiful new start for her life. She took the advice of music label producer, Clive Davis and made a comeback that the world can not deny her credit for.

  • Will and Jada Smith’s Scientology Believes in ‘Galactic Emperor’!

    Will and Jada Smith’s Scientology Believes in ‘Galactic Emperor’!

    So Will and Jada Smith believe in some ‘battlestar galactica’ stuff in their religion? Well, that’s what Martin Bashir of ‘Nightline’ was trying to find out with his interview with Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis this weekend.

    During the interview, Bashir asked spokesman Davis about their beliefs. “Do you believe that the Galactic Emperor called Xenu brought his people to earth 75 million years ago and buried them in volcanoes?” Davis was offended by the question and called it “Martin, I’m not going to discuss the disgusting perversions of Scientology beliefs that can be found out commonly on the Internet and be put in the position of talking about things that … talking about things that are so fundamentally offensive to Scientologists to discuss”.

  • Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Make Open Marriages In Hollywood Popular

    Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Make Open Marriages In Hollywood Popular

    will_and_jada_pinkett_smith9093Although, AIDS and various Sexually Transmitted Diseases are still on the rise, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of the most popular Hollywood married couples that admit to have an open marriage (both in agreement to have sexual relations with other people).  They have been married for about over 10 years, which is more than many celebrities can admit; however, we do not know the damage of their lifestyle in the long run.  Marriage is for 2 people, not for 2 people to make it okay to sleep around with other people and say you have been married to the same person for years.  Their open marriage may seem like it has help them remain married for a number of years, but everything that looks good, does not mean it is good for you.  Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are said to be not only Scientologists, but a part of a society that believe open marriages are alright.  Because of their honest confession, they do not seem to be good mentors for married couples (in the African American community).  People are always complaining and debating about Ellen, Rosie O’Donnell and Elton John’s confession of homosexuality, but no one has really raised a public issue of annoyance regarding the popularity of open marriage in Hollywood.    Originally, Jada has said on several occasions she is okay, if Will admits he wants to have sex with someone else, but said she did not know if Will was okay, if she wanted to do so.  Now, there have been people who have attended discreet parties and have seen the couple getting involved with other people.  This is not only unsafe, but this is unhealthy.

  • Whitney Houston Comes Back Very Big and Bobby Brown, The Former New Edition Is Watching

    Whitney Houston Comes Back Very Big and Bobby Brown, The Former New Edition Is Watching

    whitney_elizabeth_houstonWhitney Houston, America’s favorite entertainer has released her star to the world, again without a Bobby Brown lagging behind her stardom.  Whitney Houston is America’s favorite superstar.  What does this woman need with a clown who looks like a joker?  The ex-New Edition member has really added to his shame when asked by an interviewer, what would you have to say, if Whitney negatively talks about you during her interview with Oprah Winfrey, he then answered, “well I would seriously have to have a talk with her.” What???? A talk???? How can a penniless clown have the authority to have a talk with the superstar-diva of Pop.  He simply cannot think that he has the power to sit her down and hear what he has to say.