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Popular Christian Site Calls Pastors to Tell Obama to Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage

Popular Christian Site Calls Pastors to Tell Obama to Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage

A popular website, Black Christian News has made a public declaration to many pastors to stand up and tell President Obama to to stand against same sex marriage and stand for traditional marriage.

The following statements are made from and their opinions on homosexuality and same sex marriage.


Satanic Illuminati Preachers: Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis

Satanic Illuminati Preachers: Benny Hinn and Jesse Duplantis

Here are two more preachers of mega ministries who think their Satan worship is a secret within the church world, not so. We come to educate you about what they are doing to be able to live the lavish lifestyle of wealth like most celebrities who reveal the same Satanic Corna hand signs.  In prior articles, we revealed the video that reveals who has been so bold to give Satan honor in the media, both black and white people.   Yes, it is true what Michael Jackson said, it sure does not matter if you are black or white, and we have added, if your soul is not right with Christ, you are definitely on your way to hell, black, white or any other race.

Illuminati Ministries:Pat Roberts of 700 Club and Kenneth Copeland Are Satanists

One of our head journalists discovered this following video on You Tube. But before we reveal the link to you, we want to inform you why you should not be following these millionaire preachers or TV hosts of mega ministries. It is a great possibility that they are followers of other ministers who sold their souls to the Devil and are not followers of Jesus Christ.  These two ministers have been perpetrating for years as if they are spirit-filled Christians.  Long time television producer and host of the Christian Broadcasting Network, (CBN), The 700 Club, Pat Robertson even denied he ever spoke in tongues (denial of being filled with the spirit) when he ran for President back in the 1980’s.  Kenneth Copeland and his wife, Gloria seemed as though they are truly saved through Jesus Christ, but look at what you will see on this video, Kenneth showing the Satanic horn in the camera. What a shame! He’s not saved but he is a child of Satan.

Benny Hinn Only Cares About His Bank Account Not Souls

Benny Hinn is pleading for funds on his website, claiming he is in a $2 million dollar deficit.   Really? Aren’t we all financially struggling in this recession.   A so-call man of God who acts as though he was so appointed by God to just touch people as they always have fell on the floor, he is begging for money.   Benny Hinn is only thinking about himself.  He acts as though people should take care of him and not care about their own financial problems in this recession.  How dare he beg for money when thousands, probably millions of people are dying of homelessness on the streets?  God does not like his selfishness and also his stinginess of not owning one homeless shelter.  This does not just go for him, this also goes for his lover Paula White who has been seen taking a vacation in Rome with him and misery loves company, because they both have not reconciled with their partners whom they have vowed to remain married for better or for worse; however, we will keep you up to date with our upcoming article on Hinn’s affair with Paula White since her divorce from Randy White, who gave up his church, because of severe illness.
Getting back to this con man, Benny Hinn, he has the nerve to beg for money when all he has ever cared about was flow-showing in his expensive white suits, never any other color.   White is for pure, not those who sleep around while preaching out of God’s Word and taking money any where they can get it without even caring about those in need.  He and all of his followers will someday have to stand before God, because he has been unconcerned about those in need while greedy for money and they way he is begging it seems as though he is no longer such a wonder.   What happened to the man who could make people fall down?   If it was such a force that was making people fall down as he would swing his jacket or blow on them, he would not be in debt would he?   Yes, there is a God, but not the type of God he has been representing, a God who only cares about Benny Hinn and other big shots who are multi-millionaires showing off in the pulpit.  In this time of a recession, if he was so saved, he would pray for the financial affairs of other people and not be concerned with himself.

Wife of Televangelist Benny Hinn Files For Divorce **Video UPDATE**

**UPDATE: See Benny HINN Video  about divorce BELOW**

Suzanne Hinn, the wife of Benny Hinn has filed for divorce, after more than 30 years of marriage. She filed the papers in Orange County Superior Court on Feb. 1, citing irreconcilable differences. Now, this is a couple that you do not hear about in the news. Over the years, we heard about Jim and Tammy, Randy and Paula White, Zachary and Riva Tims, Bishop Clarence and Tammera McClendon (now married to Priscilla Delgado who he claimed God told him to leave his wife for…yes, he lied on God) and then Bishop Thomas Weeks and Dr. Juanita Bynum (we blame Bishop Thomas Weeks for the divorce); but now Benny Hinn and his wife?

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